[Suggestion] Option to hide visual effect from augments on illusions

Basically the title. I like my chars to be plain and simple, not too many visual effects. Now I noticed on my DW BM how when I try to apply a plain illusion (e.g. Belgothian’s Slicer) on my main hand it always gets a red glow and on the other one it gets a blue glow. Apparently that’s due to the augments I am using which are only visible when the item model itself does not have any visual effect on it.
Currently the only decent enough looking weapon I could find without any visual effect that somehow does not show the augment effect is Reaver’s Claw (not sure why but if it’s a bug pls don’t fix it, thanks :wink: ). If possible I’d appreciate some sort of mechanism/option that prevents my char from turning into a firefly.

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I don’t like these glows at all and always when I see a nice weapon, and it has the augment glow, I switch for another illusion. So basically, all of the illusions that apply augment glow and are cool, I don’t like them.

After 1000 hours of playing I learned that augments in weapons is what gives them that glow effect.

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+1. I’m not a fan of the Christmas Tree look on every character.

I actually like those visual effects but i understand your point.

Go like them somewhere else then. :confused:

I like all the glowy effects tbh . Wish there were more
But since ppl dont like them then there should be an option to disable them

They’re not bad and there are def situations where I like them. The issue that prompted this thread was mainly that I wasn’t able to a) remove the glow from this particular char or at least b) change the colour. Since I don’t want to fuck up my char just for the glow colour I will not change the augments thus I will always have a red and a blue glowing weapon. Can’t even set them both to blue, for example.

Honestly the whole illusion feature is just fucking awesome. And generally I like to enjoy the illusions on my char and anything glowing or flaming or whatever is just covering up the detailed model of the armour/weapon pieces.

Perhaps another option is to make the Weapon Augments be Illusions themselves, so that if somebody wants to use a plain sword Illusion and have it glow, they can use a different Augment for the glow.

Might be painful for programming to have dual Illusions on the weapons though, so it might be better to just disable the Augment glow in the game options as suggested…

Although I like the glow effects, I still support the idea of being able to turn them off or at least tone them down a bit. Not only those augment glows, but all other glows and effects too.

Most visual FX are indicators of your active and passive skills and auras. While they look absolutely fine, they are not really necessary for gameplay as you still have the icons. Also toning them down a bit could help FPS on low-end machines.

Diablo 3 has an option for reduced visual FX, I ended up using it all the time. Not for the little bit of extra FPS, but for a great reduction of screen clutter. It made the game much more enjoyable for me. GD could benefit from a similar option. Especially in 4 player Crucible games :wink:

I like em here cause i’m a real rebel

Whoa! Badass! :cool:

Sometimes I wonder how the devs must feel when they read about such a minor and probably irrelevant suggestion almost 3 years after release.

During a SCRUM meeting ~4 years ago
Dev1: What if someone doesn’t like the augment based weapon glow? There’s always that one guy that moans about these things.
Dev2: It’s fine. If necessary, we’ll deal with it when the issue arises. Also: everybody likes glowing weapons! Why wouldn’t they?

1 year after release
Dev2: See? All good!
Dev1: I guess you’re right…

2 years after release
Both have long forgotten about the issue.

2 years, 10 months, 30 days after release
Dev2: FFS
Dev1: FFS


Bear in mind some people don’t play the game since alpha or beta. I play the game for about 1.5 year. Some other people might’ve started 5 days ago, or maybe today. The fact no one actually said something about it might be because 100% of the playerbase liked this, and now some might’ve gotten bored of it or some just might’ve reached finito of ultimate today and just checked these out. Everything is possible, and the fact you play the game for very long doesn’t mean everyone does. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fully aware of that but taking things into account is not fun :wink: I myself have only ~500 hours under my belt :smiley:

tbh, I only noticed augments having glows after I put a Malmouth Soul on a Hellclaw Slicer and quit to main menu.
The green glow looks quite weird when everything else is blazing in flames. It doesn’t bother me that much, but no glow at all wouldn’t bother me either.

Well I can imagine this whole topic doesn’t bother the devs at all.
Still, I propose an option to tone down ALL sparkly light effects. Just for the sake of playability for people who are easily distracted, like myself.:rolleyes:

Augments make stuff glow o_0

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Lol, those spikes are on the legs though.

Their butts are rather shiny, smooth and flat :undecided:

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