[Suggestion] Please add +% Elemental Damage to Occultist's Possession Exclusive Skill

Thinking more about my (and other user’s) various characters that use Occultist in them that focus on Elemental Damage, there seems to be a relative paucity of Elemental Damage support from Occultist in class combos (Pyromancer, Witch Hunter, Witchblade and to a lesser extent, Sentinel, Warlock, Deceiver). To this end, I will post various links of some builds to provide examples where adding +% Elemental Damage would provide just a little bit more damage that may help some combos.

Fire/Cold FS Pyromancer: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZymwlbZ
Cold/Acid Yugol’s Hunger WH (based on @Duchy’s build): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZD1eXWN
Fire FS Pyromancer (needs some updating and fine-tuning): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/Q2zOgeLV
Scion of Arcane Force Cadence Witchblade: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQXOwXZ
Elemental AAR Warlock: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26bqkp2

Occultist has some Elemental Damage potential, such as Elemental Damage from pets, the Ele RR from CoF and some support with SoC/DB being made to have Elemental Damage, but a little bit of added Damage could help out. So my suggestion would be to just add +% Elemental Damage to Possession at the same rate and progression as the other Damage Types. Also, maybe change the description so that you are possessed by the essence of not just Solael, but the Three instead.

Thoughts? Other suggestions? Thanks!

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Or it can be on Blood of Dreeg.

I had thought about that as well, but BoD seems quite stacked already (the same could be said for Possession as well). Adding to Possession would give players a choice of which Exclusive Skill to focus on if their class combo has mutliples that would apply like Warlock or Sentinel.

Alternatively there could be another Exclusive Skill added based on Bysmiel (Elemental/Speed/Pets), but that would be a HUGE long-shot, so I figured adding to Possession was an easier solution.

Exclusive skill for elemental damage would be great. When we are at exclusive skills. Demolitionist could get one supporting phys damage (maybe + aether and chaos) for more build variations (make Commando finally great! :slight_smile: Nightblade could get one as well for acid damage. Acid is not generally that great and there is a place for it in Nightblade’s tree.

And Occultist also needs energy regen somewhere. New exclusive skill for elemental + energy regen would be great.

If I were to do an Exclusive Skill it would be something like Aura of Conviction:

Bysmiel’s Determination
Inspired by Bysmiel’s sheer willpower to break free of her chains, her determination fills you and your allies with the strength to carry on through the fray.
12 Meter Radius
Flat Elemental Damage
+% Elemental Damage
+% Burn/Electrocute/Frostburn Damage
Flat DA (Occultist has DA issues in some class combos)
Attack/Casting Speed?
Flat Absorption (if possible, to go along with the determination and willpower) or Energy Regen

Not entirely sure, but it might be pretty interesting! :sunglasses:

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Why add something when you can just give adequate player bonuses to Bonds of Bysmiel instead…

That would really only benefit pet builds, not melee or casting builds, since the tough part of adding to Bonds of Bysmiel is that these class combos tend to be point starved and Occultist has Energy problems often, so using BoB would just add to the Energy issue.

At least the Energy cost/second was removed from Possession a while ago, so that alleviated the problem a small amount…

I think her point was more turn bonds in an exclusive similar to primal bond, where it gives player bonuses and pet… There wouldn’t be a loss of skill points as the ones you would have put into possession would be put in bonds


Ahh, that makes sense - I totally missed that point. /facepalm

Sure, that would work as well! Great suggestion @Stupid_Dragon :+1:

Yes, except BoB doesn’t have to become an exclusive, more like a buff similar to Flame Touched. But the points saved going into BoB instead of Possession is on point.

There still would be a problem of distributing BoB
across elemental gear, but that would had been an issue with new exclusive as well.

Also, “him”, not “her”.


My mistake! For some reason the name Val from discord make me think female. I had an ex and she went by Val (Valerie)

No worries, at some point I have also thought you’re russian due to your nickname sounding like an exotic russian family name :rofl:

I don’t think this is a big concern for the game’s design. For example, good luck finding Primal Bond bonuses on more than one bleed or physical/trauma item. I don’t even remember when it was changed to support players that much.

I don’t think possession should have +% elemental. Based on what the skill represents, Solael doesn’t dabble in elemental damage. Chaos, Vit, Fire. That’s his deal.

I’m not sure why acid is not it and why fire isn’t. However, having it buff ele or cold/lightning is basically against the skill effect description.

Just my 2 cents being a sucker for lore.

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