Suggestion: Remove -%pierce resistance from Death Sentence and put in on Horn of Gandarr

I think it would be better because first:
Word of pain doesn’t deal piercing damage (Also aether and chaos, that’s a weird place to put these RR)

Horn deals piercing damage

Piercing attacking constellations can’t be attached to Word of pain because it needs some sort of “attack” with crit to proc.

Are you kidding? No, just fucking no.

Yeah? why?

Uh, no? Word of Pain has no cooldown and Horn of Gandarr has.

Crate doesn’t seem to like skills that buff other skills that proc from crits. Like if you could attach Blades of Wrath to Word of Pain.

Because Death Sentence is not an attacking skill. It’s a support skill, utilized by a large variety of build who use it’s RR to dish out more damage. There is absolutely no reason, no any kind of implications to shove it onto the Horn of Gandarr.

And that’s exactly why it can’t be attached to piercing attacking constellations as well. It isn’t meant to be used as an attack, but a preparation before it.

It could reduce 25% piercing resistance for 6 seconds (same as horn cd)

Well, I would use and max it and drop WoP anytime if this happen, I know that… so I think it’s a good change. WoP has 3 RR while Horn is barely used and is a piercing damage tool

Horn’s piercing damage is too low, it has confuse targets and reduce target elemental damage, So I think it’s more of a debuffing skill than a damaging one.

No it couldn’t, because that isn’t how -% Resists work. They don’t have a duration because they themselves are not a debuff (technically speaking, it’s because -% Resists is a Defensive Stat whereas Reduced Target’s Resists is an Offensive one). Their duration is tied to the duration of the debuff skill they’re on, and Horn of Gandarr is not a debuff.

NO ! LOL ! Just add pierce RR% to horn without removing it from anything and thats it…