[Suggestion] Repairing Malmouth Bridge

We all love to repair bridges in Grim Dawn. However, there is one bridge which kinda has bugged me for a while now. And that is the bridge in Malmouth. Currently, you are supposed to pull the lever and LOWER IT.

I would like to repair the bridge instead, it would just fit the rest of scope of this game I think. After all, we are supposed to be able to repair twin falls bridge in the upcoming patch(es).

End of message.

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Honestly, I think that lever is perfectly fits its place and it’s soo much better than generic detonation site. Never understood why we should pay iron to repair a bridge. Are we supposed to use this money to hire groble workers or what? :slight_smile: I’d vote to remove “repair bridge” mechanic from GD completely, because it’s absolutely unnecessary.

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there is no detonaton site for the bridge leading west from burrwitch prison

Only bridge that needs dynamite (so far) is the one leading to East Marsh. All the others just need iron and/or scrap.

That said, this late in the game’s development I can’t see Crate changing either of those. Repairing the Malmouth Bridge would change the quest line probably requiring a rewrite/revoice of the quest itself.

Lever is missing, rip out Bollag’s femur, add a bit of scrap and voila.


fixing a broken lever is not enough to satisfy my needs of bridge reparations!

Well, fixing the Twin Falls one will! :upside_down_face: We know that’s going to have to be repaired somehow.


The only bridge repair that puts me off somewhat is the one to Bastion of Chaos and only because of it’s price. 40 Scrap is pretty steep, especially if you want to hop in to grab the devotion shrine on all 3 difficulties whilst levelling as one can do with the other roguelikes. That’s a 120 Scrap sink per character, big nope.

For me, its totally worth it!

With the amount of characters I make, I’d run out of scrap fast, and constantly, none left for end game crafting.

I like the lever. Theres more than enough bridge repair in the game. Nice to have some variety, and also fulfills the sense that you’re in a more technologically advanced/resource plentiful locale, IE; a big city where such grand constructions are made possible by its industrial might, once upon a time.

Also cool to have such a hulking design of this magnitude which perhaps was so big and sturdy that it survived destruction and degredation as a result.

Don’t know why, but the sound effect of the bridge being lowered is satisfying for some reason.


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