[Suggestion] Reset Achievements

Hey. I’d like to reset the Achievements.
Can’t find a way. (Steam)
Is there a way to do so?
If not, could you please make this happen?
Or maybe give an option at the start of a new Char?
I’d like to “speedrun” the achievements or just see them popping on, on a new Char. Like Milestones.

Thanks for reading.

Uh, I’m not sure about Steam ones (was never interested by that), but I’m 99% positive you can reset in-game achievements (which is practically the same thing far as your goal goes) by deleting “gacache.bin” file located in GD’s save folder. Make a copy of that file before doing that though, just in case.

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if Xanderoots method doesn’t work you can reset your steam achievements by using SAM - disclaimer this is 3rd party tool that interacts with steam api (and i in no way take responsibility anything related to its use)
keep in mind, if you reset your actual steam achievements, and load into the game using a character, at any point, that has already completed XYZ milestone, it will instantly unlock on Steam too (all at the same time if that character has multiple milestones reached)
so best to do on a fresh character, possibly even best combined with Xanderoots method at the same time too

it may be possible to reset steam achievements another way, but i’m not sure it’s 100% reliable, seems more of a “reinstall fluke” where Steam updates/uploads a blank achievement progress after a reinstall, so probably just something to consider as a last ditch effort

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