Suggestion(s)/Link for a new character

I’ve done pets, S&B-blitz, more pets, dual wield pistols, devouring swarm and pox etc…

I need a suggestion for something fresh. I look at the build compendiums and it seems like most things aren’t for the current version and I’m not sure what guides are still “good.”

I like the idea of some caster-type character. Most have a lot of active skills and I would like to steer clear of that, but a few steps up from the typical pet build would be nice. Maybe tossing grenades if that’s a viable thing.

If you have any, some suggestions on a non-melee (and I consider facetanking with 2 pistols as melee) build that doesn’t involve pets, has a moderate but not overbearing amount of active skills, not just a typical spell-slinger…something to get me out of my typical playstyle.

If you have a build in mind, leave them below! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Most stuff from 2-3 major updates will still work, some of them even get updated by their build creators. Worst case if you’re really unsure, just post in the thread and ask if anything needs to be tweaked.

This depends on your definition of “good” or what you want to do. Campaign farming (e.g. Roguelikes/Nemeses or Superbosses), Crucible or Shattered Realm. Or perhaps something that’s ok at 2 of those but doesn’t excel at the 3rd or is average at all 3 like a character that’s good for superbosses and shattered realm but is a slow Crucible clearer etc.

Casters and especially Canister Bomb, Blackwater Cocktail or Grenado characters are doable. You might want to look at Elementalist, Shieldbreaker or Sorcerer in the Compendium for those.