[Suggestion] Salvageble Relics

I did not found such thread in the first 10 pages of ‘Ideas and Feedback’ section so i managed to create one.
I think many of you knows what’s on my mind. Relics, especially the high level ones are not only very expensive, but also very time consuming mat collecting wise (looking at you, Kilrian’s shattered soul) and since they have up to 10 completion bonuses, it can be very very very painful to make relic with skill bonus you looking for.
The idea is simple. Allow us to salvage relics into their previous form. Doom, for example, into Reckoning, Torment, Fortitude, Ruination.
There would be still kinda high price to re-make the new relic again (iron+mats), even the ‘dismantle’ option could be more expensive than 1 dynamite, but without the need to literally dump the old relic.
I have 4 chars, crafted 4 lvl90 relics - Ignaffar’s combustion, Eternity, Doom and Nidalla’s Outbreak. 3 of them got both skills totally useless for me (storm box and gandarr on my fs purifier, laceration and rending force on my krieg dk etc) only Eternity got star pact + disintegration, so on my TSS druid one of the 2 skills is useful.
I have nothing against rng in general, but this seems to be little bit too much to me.

You mean I take the relic to the smith, give it to them along with my dynamite, he does boom, I get materials, I am happy? Sure, gimme. I have multiple relics in the storage because I used them on other characters and then I re-built them and now I have multiple of them sitting down and taking space.

Why not? The dismantle price could be quite high, like 1kk + 5 of each material. It would be still way more entertaining then wandering long minutes through the not-so-user-friendly crafting interface, not to mentoin collecting troll crushers, spectral swords and idk which other nonstackable bullshit along with the hardly farm materials.

Maybe, to add a bit of RNG to it all, make it so that you only get a varying % of the individual recipe items back and not a straight dismantle abc = xyz guaranteed. :wink:

Edit…Otherwise this risks becoming not a “dismantle your spare relics”, but a “pay to re-roll until you get the rolls you want” as there’s no wastage of materials, just cost of iron, unlike trying to get a good rolled item of anything else.

Actually, an option to pay iron and/or scrap to re-roll a relic sounds like a very good idea to me.
Disassembling a relic just to put it together again, sounds like a waste of time (especially with the clunky interface that is probably never going to change).

I would like to have this option aswell, especially to reroll the completion bonuses from relics.

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