[Suggestion] Skill tooltip could show assigned vs. bonus skill levels

It would be helpful if the skill tooltip showed you how many skill levels you were getting from items and how many you assigned yourself.

Something like “Current Level: 7 (5 + 2)”

Or maybe a new tooltip when you just mouseover the skill level number (e.g. mousing over the “7 / 12” on the skill screen would display “5 + 2”)

Just a small QOL change but it would make it easier to keep track of assigned skill levels for builds that aren’t maxing out the levels of all their skills. What do you think?


I bet this has been suggested many times. For now you can import your character in https://www.grimtools.com/calc/ and press Ctrl + Shift

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+1, as always.

And yes, it has been requested many times before, along with being able to see the points invested over the hardcap (28/16 skill points for eg)

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