[Suggestion] Small survivability buffs to SoulRend and Sharzul WorldEater

As topic, both end game very difficult to obtain weapons (especially with good rolls) could use some small share of love.

My opinion is entirely based on personal experience playing those builds made by our top builders (and also a bit of common sense looking at the stats) - perhaps there is a valid reason why no further buffs to those weapons would be done - but at least lets have a constructive discussion.

SoulRend: falls behind Winter King, suggestion is to add some small buffs like 8-10% phy resist to SS for 3 seconds

WorldEater: The build which finds best use is a FW Fire Commando - though it is very squishy build for a melee`ish one - adding some Phy resists to the weapon would do it justice and fill in a gap in the build.


If worldeater is to get phys res best tie it to Demo, put it on flame touched.

Winter king needs nerfs if anything. Judging soulrend performance off infiltrator performance isn’t a good sell to the devs given how the item screams Reaper

That’s not possible because SS isn’t a buff. And if you want for Infiltrator to not have access to it, just put the phys res to Spectral Binding to make Reaper more appealing.

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