[Suggestion] Stonefather set and supporting items for phys VM could get some love

pretty much the title.
so, we have an epic set called Stonefather that support phys VM. And there are some problems with it:

  • no CD to VM; though iirc epic sets can’t use skill mods, it can be solved via supporting items.
  • VM has pierce and fire damage too, though the set has no conversion anywhere and also blocks medal slot for Harvoul (that gives pierce->phys comversion).
  • set has low OA bonus that is crucial to phys builds.

the GT I use now: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZy0APeV

what about support gear?

  • Gavel of Ravenous Souls - pretty obvious choice but the weapons could definitely use sone love.
  • Despite Harvoul and this mace, we actually don’t have any other dedicated gear to phys VM.

what could be done?

  • the set itself could get some buffs, like pierce/fire -> phys conversions on helm, chest and shield, some % OA bonuses and maybe a bit more CDR.
  • Gavel could get flat CDR like -0,8 sec to VM.

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