Suggestion: What about a fan-made board game

Today, my wife made a “game of the Goose” with dinosaurs for our son.

My wish is to have the same game (or Snakes and Ladders), but with Grim Dawn’s characters.
So I’ve started making the game.

What I have untill now:

  • all the ideas
  • all the rules
  • the texts

What I will have soon:

  • the board, the cards and the pawns roughly drawn by myself (without any artictic design)

What I need:

  • one or two graphic designers / painters, able to use Photoshop or something alike;
  • one proofreader (an English native speaker, preferably someone with a particular competence in English language)

And here is the leaflet:

Just imagine that with Grim Dawn graphics!

And here is the prototype of the first board (made with Dungeon Painter Studio):

Any ideas?


Anything you make for personal enjoyment and not monetary gain isn’t a legal risk.

We’re not going to come to your home and demand you hand over your boardgame. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks, Zantai!
I updated the initial post.

Now, I have a prototype for the first board. The download link is in the first post.

Now you have a newer version of the board in the first post.

Back to pen and paper! The rules are mostly done.

I managed to make a card with Magic The Gathering Card Maker, but I cannot upload images anymore, so I’m looking for another software to do it. If you have suggestions…


I found you these two possible alternatives…

Thank you very much!!

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No problem. I’d be keen to see something well-done like that, official or not. Kinda scratches that “collect-them-all” urge that the Steam trading cards gives me for GD stuff :slight_smile:


Id love to see the final product. I have been designing a deckbuilding game based on GD, but havent shared anything on it due to concerns id be violating some kind of laws. Its encouraging to know i dont have to worry about that, as it would not be for monetary gain! Ill have to share what ive got so far, now that im inspired to do so by this thread. Thanks for sharing!

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That’s one thing that I love about Crate. They are fairly open and transparent in how they operate (and communicative too) and as long as you aren’t pirating the game or trying to make make money off of it they are more than happy for you to do whatever it is that you do.

Hope you share your game then whenever it’s ready.

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Ill definitely do so. Shoot, ill probably share it before its ready and ask for the community’s input. If there was a Grim Dawn deckbuilding or CCG game on the market I know I would buy it- If we designed something great, out of love for the game and Crate, then donated it to them so they could do whatever they wanted with it- Imagine that!!

CCGs have been hot since the 90s. Tons of games design them, too. Currently theres Hearthstone, Elder Scrolls: Legends, and Gwent. Hell, warhammer 40k even has a CCG now.

CCGs are my other favorite game genre and now that so many have gone digital, it would be so bad ass to have one thats set in the world of GD. But im no computer programmer, i just like to design games as best as i can to pass time on public transportation. Sometimes i stumble upon some cool ideas. Id love it if the community could add to them, and if Crate could use any of it, thats even better.

Not expecting anything, of course. Just sharing one of my fantasies- a GD CCG!


Ya, as much as people joke about such games I wouldn’t be averse to a GD CCG. An older version of Switcher I was working on at one point did have a screenshot or “Story-telling” feature I’d built-in to it and the results are actually kinda “card-like”. I fully intend on expanding on this again one day. Unfortunately I don’t think I have the source from that old version anymore so I’d have to rebuild it from scratch.

I do have some screens of it left tho that I had posted in the Fashion Dawn thread.

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I was actually working on a Grim Dawn tabletop RPG. I had my own setting called Jewel of the South, a city in a desert far to the south. I didn’t want to just copy existing lore but to also make my own. Then Forgotten Gods was announced…

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Great to read, gentlemen!
Now, I’m still looking for artists to help me with my project, so if you know someone who might be interested, don’t hesitate to tell him/her and me.

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What do y’all think? Would you be down to dive into a grim dawn board game? and what features do you think are a must have?

Imagine taking all those epic battles and intense strategy from Grim Dawn and packing them into a board game you can play with your friends on a chill night. Picture this: a bunch of us gathered around the table, snacks on the side, dice in hand, and planning our next move. The game could have all those different classes and skills we love, so you can really mix and match strategies just like in the video game.

One thing I think would be killer is having some kind of modular board. Like, every time you play, the map can change. Maybe it’s a bit like those old-school dungeon crawlers or something. You never know what you’re gonna get next, keeps it fresh every time you play. Plus, we could have little miniatures of our characters and enemies – how cool would that be?

Another cool aspect could be quests and storylines. We could draw cards for random events or side quests that add a twist to the game. Think about all those intense moments in Grim Dawn where you have to make quick decisions. Bringing that into the board game could make it super engaging.

Oh, and while we’re at it, maybe we could toss in a solo mode for those nights when you just wanna chill by yourself. Kinda like when you play spider solitaire – sometimes you just want that solo vibe. You could still have a blast fighting monsters and collecting loot even if your buddies aren’t around.