[Suggestion] Wish PET body can change color with different kind of damage

Like Summon Guardian of Empyrion put point to Scion of Dreeg will change to green color
and Albrecht’s Aethe Ray color change with different damage.

for example Primal Spirit if have 100% Phy convert Acid. body will change to green, and low than 100% nothing happen.

kind of damage can 100% convert:
Phy - Acid
Phy - Vitality
Phy - Elemental
Phy - Lightning、Cold、Fire
Phy - Chaos

I alrady played 3800 Hours for only Summoner, little boring. really wish to see some different for Summoner Build as most Summoner player think so.
Some Friends ask me what kind of Pet build Im played, and what different with those build? I said I almost played all kind damge pet, lightning, elemental, acid, vitality… but really look like no different, same effect :worried: can not feel different with those damage pet build.

Or can make it like Loyalist item Pack, we dont care about to pay this money to support Crate company



It could be only on mod conversion
non global

but even if on mod Crate Team can do it
it will be super puper :innocent:

this simple things for Crate Team. if they happy maybe wil make it on v1160 :smile:

Yes it is indeed simple. You just have to:

  • make a copy of every skill level’s primal spirit DBR file. 22
  • Change the reference to the different colored version.
  • make an item skill modifier that affects the skill and changes the models to the new one. Yes you have to edit every skill level’s reference one by one.

Repeat for all colors. (8x)

Repeat for all pets. Other pets (Familiar, HH, Briarthorn, Reap Spirit) have 26 variations.

Skeletons alone would need 26 x 4 DBR files. PER ELEMENT.

My math says 1840 DBR files and references, plus any item skill modifiers you need to make


Wait… why different DBR files for each level of the Spell? The models are the same except for Stuff like Hellhound which gets a bigger and more detailed graphics at 16/16.

This is for Oathkeeper and there are only two versions of the same pet.

And now for the necromancer’s skeletons:

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Yes, but why?
What exactly changes that they need separate files?
I am not familiar with how GD (or the TQ engine) does stuff, so I am curious.

@Maya I let my friend change skin from Nemsis to Primal Spirit, look very cool dog now!
I try to make more skin for Pet and share to u.

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