Suggestions: Augments and Gear for Next Big Patch

I read that there will be another big Patch in November (?) that will tackle items and gear augments. Since SR is the end-game farming platform, there needs to appropriate defensive gear in order for the most class combinations to survive the toughest battles.

Augments Suggestions:

  1. Life Reduction Resistance:
    There got to be gear augments that have % reduction. I suggest 3% life reduction resistance per augment. So a person can gear a maximum of 6 augments (head, chest, leg, shoulder, hand and belt).

  2. % Cooldown Reduction:
    This will add build diversity and complexity for those who want to build around with reduced cooldowns. I suggest 4% cooldown % that can be used on Rings, Medal and Amulet for a total of 16% reduction. Yes, this may sound like quite a bit, but considering most end-game builds gear Defensibility in both rings and amulet, it is a significant trade-off.

  3. Attack/Cast Speed:
    We should have the option of adding attack speed augment in the weapons/shield/off-hand and hand armor. Most weapon augments have dou type damages with a mix of health, OA, DA, some resistances, etc. I think this game will be much more fun when we can improve attack speed as an option. My suggestion is 4% for each head and hand armor (potential 12% increased attack speed).

  4. Attributes:
    We should have augments that increase Spirit, Physique and Cunning stats (and also walk speed). Sometimes we have to modify our Devotions and Gear in order to use certain items. So I suggest augments that give like 50 Spirit, 50 Physique, 50 Cunning, and 5% walk speed).

I hope the new patch will address the lack of non-damage type of augments (such as cooldown reduction, life reduction resistance, attributes and attack/cast speed.

Grim Misadventures 163, 164 and 165 (if memory serves) can provide a pretty in-depth look at everything you can expect from the next awesome patch.

Life red RR: niche stat sure whatever
CDR: no, a thousand times no. Breaks the game
%AS: has potential, easily tuned to safe values
Attributes: eh, I’m going to lean towards no on this. Requiring different build choices for different approaches isn’t a bad thing. It’s a piece of a larger puzzle and most often just someone going off quite madly as their OCD flares up.

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Augments are for da/oa/res. They are to fix holes.

Life redux res, ok, why not? But what for? There already are cc res on a couple jewelry augments. And ppl will always choose 70da/oa and 50% dmg.

Cdr on augments is noob’s wet dream. This will not ever happen. Cdr is a luxury reserved for particular masteries and play styles. Not a village bike.

I won’t pick on other particulars. I’m general, the message is: you can’t have everything on everything for everyone. The game would become banal.

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