Suggestions for Bonemonger Paladin?

(Prototype target here:

One concern I have is whether I’m doing a good job of taking advantage of both the aether and elemental multipliers. The prototype was made expecting aether to be the star of the show, with multipliers ending up being 2078% vs. 1762% (and I’ve been told that L100 multiplier for primary damage type should be at least 2000%), but after considering Righteous Fervor’s role, especially with the Soulblade completely converting it to fire, I have to wonder. In which case, I probably need to carve out a place for Celestial Presence. (Or is the idea to stack multiple Inquisitor Seals on top of each other? Assuming that’s possible, anyway.)

I also wonder whether Aether Net was too easy a target for what to supplement Righteous Fervor/Smite/Shattering Smash and Inquisitor Seal with. Since RF is already fire, I’m taking a look at Rune of Kalastor. Thing is, if I give up Aether Net, I’d want Judgment to take up the DA-cutting slack. That would probably make point allocation even more difficult…

(I’m assuming the vitality conversion is just for Apostates and Oppressors. Unless you can figure out a way to properly weave the normal attack and Tainted Flame together…)

At least OA and DA are nearly 2800 each when Ascension is active. But is that good enough, or do they need to be basal 2700+, counting permanent buffs?

OA/DA should be 2700+ with just permanent auras and WoR up. When using a shield, you really want 100%block recovery, you can achieve that by using the absolution relic. Focusing on 2 damage types is rather hard aswell, so don’t expect too much from your build.

{sigh} And no matter what kind of build I try to design, OA/DA is always a problem to get commensurate like that. Not that it helps that with this one, I wasn’t able to get both Solemn Watcher and Attak Seru in my devotions (I chose the latter)…

It is true that the real draw for RF in this build is the attack speed boost from Consecration. But on seeing the Soulblade’s full effects, I wasn’t sure I wanted to let the RF bonus lie fallow.