[Suggestions] Inquisitor rune skill

I hope that the “Hagarad rune” and “Callastor rune” skills of the Inquisitor will also be activated faster with cast time. Even if we don’t want 0 seconds, how about speeding up to 0.75 seconds based on 200%?

Or give the “Rune binder” equipment a set effect that reduces the rune activation time.

When playing in “Rune Binder” equipment, in fact, the rune skill is boss-versus-application and is too inefficient for ordinary monsters due to activation time. I want to use rune skills more actively. I don’t want to shoot an arrow!

It’s not even a 0 second delay skill. There is even an activation time on the Delay skill, so it feels like a penalty is created by a ship.

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RoH works pretty good

Even with meme builds
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RoH is fine. Except itemization. One of the neatest skills for both single target and big AoE in one. The delay is the flavor.

What could be changed is to sprinkle some ranks to RoH base node on some relevant gear. Adn maybe add another item with pierce to cold (but not like that op offhand Ragrathar Horn in the past). I wouldn’t mind lowering the point blank penalty by another 5%, neither.

The Chillwhisper one, you can squeeze ~10s like this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YNneW7pZ , maybe? Ghoul isn’t all that relevant here.

I got a good run with Dmt’s tweaked version-should be something around 4.05-4.07, but i died at 170

I kinda enjoy the playstyle of delayed activation, heres a rune build with RoK focus


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