Summon Hellhound

I love the look of this little guy, But he seems quite underpowered compared to other minions, and his summon limit is on a set which is quite high level.

Suggestion: Add summon limit to the skill at level 8 or 16, possibly both.

The hellhound also has a passive/aura called Hellfire, this sounds so cool, but it doesn’t do AoE damage, This would be amazing. It doesn’t need to be insane damage, especially if summon limit is raised, But enough to finish off dying monsters, or to get aggro.

This would make the Hellhound play a bit more like Fire Golems in ‘Project Diablo 2’ which is a pretty fun spec. They would even be cooler since they blow up on death.

Love the game, thanks for still patching/working on this masterpiece:)

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There is a high level item you can get that allows you to summon 2 Hellhounds.


I’m using the Grimtools website and I can only find +1 summon limit from the Shepherd of Lost Souls set.

Yep, that’s the one.

I mentioned it in my first post: “his summon limit is on a set which is quite high level.”
Was hoping for a skill I could level with. I don’t even have a character that high level, I make ideas for new ones long before I get to that point.

No, none of the + summon limit items are lower than L94 for Familiar, Briarthorn and Hellhound.

I know this. I’m asking if we can get extra summons from the skill, kinda like skeletons do.

Necromancer is the only class with extra summons for pets, Briarthorn and Familiar are similar to Hellhound and they are also locked to sets. Hellhound used to be underpowered nowadays I feel it is on par with Briar/Familiar, only thing is its more focused on speed/damage while briarthorn is a tank and familiar is ranged making them better defensively.

Its been suggested multiple times for an MI/skill to increase Hellhound limit but I think they(Crate) do not want that and have instead given it much more attack speed and damage bonuses to make it closer to the other minions. I recommend investing in a lot of attack speed if you want to make a hellhound centric build like Pyromancer, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Hellfire is an aura skill and already pretty strong given it buffs all pets and the DA is great for players as well. They would probably have to add another skill to put what you want which I don’t think is happening since development is mostly over. Binding the flame torrent devotion to hellhounds gives them an AoE which is something similar to what you want.

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Flame torrent on the pet is a very good idea. Thanks man!

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