[Summoner] Terra Destroyer - The Unstoppable Meteor Summoner - Tetra Element Meteor - Crucible Ready

Maaaaan, if you think 10 skill points for 6% crit damage and 7% stun resist is worth it, good for you, I guess, I just play the game differently, I am trying to make everyone one of my characters perfect, and 10 points spent on stuff like 6% crit damage and 7% stun resist would probably get me suicided by own ocd :slight_smile:

But gloves, like for real, your gloves don’t do anything to your build. If you want to spam CT, you still have to go back to town to change your skill points allocation, so I really don’t get how keeping useless Aetherreach contributes to your build diversity.

And transmuted CT is bis for Triggering TD, I am guessing TSS does not even have 100% chance

I agree with Tz on not capping TSS here. It’s so awkward to have a strong skill as your TD activator. CT is the best activator for sure but for aether builds where CT is very strong, you just can’t do it. I know Ptirodaktill’s binder use Reap Spirit and I personally use Bone harvest on my own binder as activator. Can you bind TD to horn of gandarr though? Can’t check cause I’m on mobile but if it can be bound, then that’s probably better than TSS, and you can then afford to cap TSS along with gandarr for the cost of one more button.

Also, TSS will theoretically have near 100% chance cause 3 projectiles that hit multiple targets. I think it’s about 65% at the tooltip.

On crit damage, I personally think it’s worth it to cap EB. That 6% crit is the best thing you can do to increase your damage cause you got all the RR you can. The points on conversion can be put somewhere else though. Like inner focus to get more OA to support the crits. Fabric, IEE is something that’s not bad but not everyone will agree. But there’s nothing wrong with it.

6 skill points for a price of a third of a medal/amulet component? Definitely a waste in my book. You can craft two items at burning smith and you will have your 6% crit damage.

And what’s wrong with binding TD to transmuted CT? As I see it, you blink in, cast devastation/mirror, double cast CT, blink out, bam, everyone’s dead, mirror is reset, you have your next Devastation ready.

and lose Angrim. These kinds of builds with a lot of free skillpoints, though. These points just go wherever you want. I’m personally never satisfied if I don’t max my crits on an arcanist.

And what’s wrong with binding TD to transmuted CT? As I see it, you blink in, cast devastation/mirror, double cast CT, blink out, bam, everyone’s dead, mirror is reset, you have your next Devastation ready.

On an ideal world, this is what would happen. But unless you’re spellbinder or maybe sorc with ~50% cdr, there’s like 2-3, sometimes 6 seconds (if you mess up) of mirror downtime. Things like a Reaper or two can easily kill you during that time if you’re not careful. One way of avoiding this is to only cast double mirror when Reaper has stacked a good amount of hits already. If you decide to do this (and I’m used to doing this) and you have TD bound to a strong skill like overcapped CT, then that means you can’t cast CT at the start of the fight and it’s a big dps loss. That’s why I’m not advocating binding TD to a strong skill. Though that doesn’t mean you can’t

About Crit Damage, This :

Arcanist doesn’t have nice working RR, but it has an Elemental Balance Skills for Crit Damage
Sometime I feel bit uneasy if I don’t take maximum Elemental Balance for it’s Crit Damage. Or at least 12/12.
But like our friend x1x1x1x2 said, this build has a lot of free skillpoints, so no wonder if you saw Full Elemental Balance taken :slight_smile:

Crit Damage is one the Best Way to increase your DPS beside using RR.
Thus, any source of Crit Damage is very welcome.
People sometimes even trade their life, taking Dying God with it’s Hungering Void for Crit Damage and Total Speed.
If I have more devo points and can reach Hungering Void, I won’t hesitate taking it for more Red and Green Meteor Crit (well, it’s too greedy)
This Build is an Aether Direct Flat Damage dealer. Crit Damage is very nice for boosting Meteor direct damage.

I was confronted with 2 difficult choices :
Anasteria Helm (additional Meteors) or Full Iskandra’s Set (18% Crit Damage + OA)
I choose Outcast Helm here since it will give more Meteors and very matching with Meteor Summoner Theme.
It still working tho with Iskandra’s Full Set.
In this Component Skills Spamming Build I use full Iskandra Set. And it still works well even w/o additional Meteors.

For Gloves, as I mentioned earlier :

You seems still didn’t get the point.
I’ll explain it to you

When you testing several form of builds at once in one toon, if available it’s better to get the package of gear in one set on that toon.
Not to mention if they have same damage type.

It will be hard for me to change the gloves and looking for the alternative one in other toons.
I don’t remember location of the gear in every toon thus sometimes I need to check every toon from A to Z for acquiring the specific gear.
Not to mention the loading time for making the toons appearance in Grim Dawn char selection screens, removing component/augments… it’s really taking time

Mythical Aethereach is one of the limited Aether Gloves beside :

And I usually use Mythical Runesinged Handguards for Gloves since it has nice stats, especially % DA

I rarely use greens

Back to Aethereach, it gives :

  • %Aether Damage
  • Flat energy and energy regen
  • Casting Speed
  • Aether Procs

Casting Speed makes this Gloves flexible and versatile for another Aether Caster Build, especially with Builds that use spamming skills like CT (untransmuted), Seal Component Free Skills like Chain Lightning from Seal of Skies, Chillspikes from Seal of the Night, Stormfire from Seal of Destruction. Or with Channeling Skills like AAR.

So with no need for changing gloves will make my life easier for testing several forms of aether caster builds. It’ll faster to see the results
And the gloves skills bonus like +2 to AAR, is nice bonus itself if we currently use that skills

CT for triggering TD

Well, CT with Wrath of Agrivix has 100% Chance for triggering TD

But in this current build case CT is one of the Damage Dealer with Full Points investment, and also with “other dps skills friends” - Meteors triggering Skills.
And remember with Star Pact and Eternity you have faster Cooldown, sometimes you want to delay TD due to need releasing some Meteors from Star Pact + Eternity CD.
In this delay case, it’ll wasting CT Full investment Damage.
It’s okay if you only put some points to CT just for triggering TD.

But remember CT in lower lvl needs melee range for triggering TD, when TSS has wider radius.

I need to make it clear that I don’t say CT is wrong for activating TD.
Sometimes for some builds it is just better for use other skills for triggering TD.

Well, as I said, it’s your build, you can play it however you want, man, I just love to min-max every grimtools link I see, I think I have a problem :smiley:

About skill points distribution: personally, I just do tests on dummy and mad queen (And bysmiel on the way). Like I am still tuning my Spellbreaker, and JoV in sir spanksalot’s thread said that Night’s Chill is probably a better investment return than Night’s Fall. I couldn’t believe it, untill I tried it and tested it few times. Turns out, it was. Same with your 10 skill points for 6% crit damage and 5% stun res versus 10 points for Skill damage boost dilemma, it all can be tested. Results can be surprising or expected.

Concering glove switch, I dunno, man, personally, I know how tedious it can be to transfer gear between toons, but I just made like 8 mules each with different name for different gear and I know what gear is where. And if I am testing different gear piece on my char, I just do runs with both of those pieces, and keep other piece in personal stash. It’s just 80% aether damage and casting speed don’t do much on the build you showcased in video. However, 500 more life/100 more oa and more armor (and a proc with weapon damage) can make a lot of difference.

But man, no offense, or anything, I am just nerding out because I love creating things in grimtools and bringing my own chars to (what I think is) perfection.

Hmm perhaps you need to lower the settings to very minimum one…

Well I hope you get the new settings or new pc for enjoy this great ARPG

No problem, it’s okay mate :slight_smile:

For gloves, I can say that Aethereach is still better for Aether Caster Builds :

  • Aether Damage
  • Energy
  • Energy Regen
  • Casting Speed
  • Aether Resist
  • Aether Procs

It gives nice %Aether Resist

I didn’t say Wyrmbone Handguards can’t be used in this Full Aether Conversions Builds, but when it turn to Spamming Skills Builds, I just choose more Casting Speeds.

About Casting Speed, I think I need to Post CT Spamming Builds in 2nd post, or other Spamming Free Component Skills Builds later

Travelling from an Island to an Island make my times currently limited
Not to mention the problem with low Internet Signal…

Yes TD can be bound to Horn of Gandarr and it has 100% Chance.
Nice alternative for triggering TD.
I shall make use of it in CT Spamming Build

Honestly, if you want +aether damage, it’s better to use myth soul touch for your build.
It has + to your skills and +90 offensive ability. Giving you 4 skill points to play with
You don’t need casting speed that high.

Also, horn of gandarr is the best for triggering TD in mage hunter, it only requires 1 skill point and has 100% trigger chance due to long cooldown.

Lastly, you only have 76% RR on the build and , how well did you do to high aether resistant enemy like Valdaran, reaper, and anasteria?

BTW, good concept! I am also working at devastation mage hunter, but with allagast set + decree of aldritch instead. I was trying to get full elemental conversion through aldritch+diviner chest+one of magelord ring, but the damage is too low for my likings.

That’s how strong devastation is. Though you don’t really need rr greater than 100%. The only prerequisite for rr in most builds is that one of your masteries have a relevant rr skill.

Yes both of you are right, Horn of Gandarr is better for triggering TD

Again I’m still sticking with Mythical Aethereach over Mythical Soul’s Touch

Aethereach gives nice Aether RR, and with this build I need Casting Speed even more

Aethereach has nice Aether Procs, while Soul’s Touch has no procs at all.

This :

These Meteor Summoner Builds are very suitable with Mage Hunter and Spellbinder, since Inquisitor and Necromancer has %Aether RR.
And with Full Aether conversions, they can do good amount of Flat Aether Damages

Here are some high aether resistances enemies :




Van Aldritch

Theodin Marcell

Full Iskandra’s Set is nice for these builds
It gives nice bonus, armor, crit damage, easy resistances
These builds can reach more than 100% Crit Damage with Full Iskandra’s
For more Meteors surely we can switch to Outcast Secret :slight_smile:

Lol, nice Magestorm of Aether drop from Theodin :slight_smile:

Thanks mate!
Yeah one of the rare one finally drop :slight_smile:

Perhaps one of these theodin scepter will be useful later for some unique builds ^^

I change boots and weapon augments for more HP and DA :


Leveling you can do it via Inquisitor Mastery :

  • Storm Box
  • Aura of Censure
  • Later take Greater Fireblast (Flintcore Bolts component socketing into guns, crossbows, or caster off-hand)
  • Take Mirror and Arcanist Passive slowly
  • OFF for CC

Example with Storm Box, you can bound Elemental Storm to Fireblast
Grimtools : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2mGzJlZ

In this video is with Apostate, but the concept is similar, just use Fireblast instead for triggering ES
Video : https://youtu.be/fSLr_5bD4TY

You’re welcome.
Well I think I need to make final devotion path taken and use reserved space for Leveling Guide later…

Build Updated on 2nd Post :
Lifestealer Aether Meteorlord CT Spamming Mage Hunter

video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvZ1v7Galr4&feature=youtu.be&t=2m23s

Devotion Path Updated on 2nd Post

Cheers :slight_smile:

Awesome build bro! Amazing work as always!
BTW who is that huge nemesis? OMG!!! Is it Grava’Thul? Hw does it spawn like that?

Thanks bro!
Yes, in some Beautiful moments, He always spawn like that :cool:

Hey Tz! I’m very new to Grim Dawn in general, level 80 Mage Hunter as my first character. I was going my own route and decided on something SORT of like this. Obviously, being so new, my toon was not and is not min/maxed, but I was happy to see I was on the right path with a lot (Like loving CT and Devastation!)

I was just wondering if you could explain this in layman’s terms. Maybe show me what my build should look like with the pitiful gear I have at level 80? I have 51 devo points, working on the last 4 but that should be VERY soon so you can show me all 55 (edit: I saw the devotion path, but I don’t have the gear so Idk what to do there!). Also should I complete complete hourglass first to get Time Dilation, or do the Torch bonus first even though I don’t have that skill on the main hand?

Edit: Pls hold my hand :frowning: I don’t understand a lot of what is being posted here and it’s harder with so many abbreviations and stuff. Could you explain in simple terms what the rotation of skills is? And also, what I should be looking at from level 80 on. Should I be taking Reckless or Star? Etc :frowning: Sorry if it’s asking too much! But I am excited with this game, and LOVE the Mage Hunter so far. Also really happy I can see I was kinda right on a lot of stuff by myself

Edit Edit: Also, what is the BAREBONES essentials for this class? I saw you said it’s flexible, so what are the ones I NEED to get to be efficient and which are the flexible points?