summoner warlock, viable?

working on it, was testing the items, i’ve made through almost all ultimate without a death tho. also I’m not sure i’ll be able to max res with this setup, thats why i wanted to change the armor, this one seems fine but it just gives vit res which I alost already maxed.

I need 97 aether 72 pierce 40 chaos 30 poison 19 bleed res from components/augments…

Should be doable

thank you! I don’t have that armor thou :frowning: but still it’s a nice setup, it always takes me so long to try and optimize the components, guess you are trained for that :stuck_out_tongue:

This was my first try, I just used stuff I usually aim for :stuck_out_tongue:

I have finished glad 160 no buff or banner with warlock , here is a sneak peak of what the build is capable of in a rogue dungeon.,
Enjoy. :p:p

wow, those 110k crits are sick. mind sharing the build?
there are some auras on your pets i don’t recognize, plus that potion you have on the skillbar.

anyway I tried to put as much as offensive components/augments for pets and came out with this (also copyin a lot out of this deceiver build, I can’t take necrolord’s armor off cause it would put familiar to level 25 and no 5 projectile attacks.

Haven’t been playing for a few months, I’m kinda busy recently. I will be back once the expansion launchs.That’s when the real fun begins…:p:p

I will make a guide on the warlock then…

You can check out my Warlock variant here:

I recently learned that what matters is the skill points you have at the time that you summon a pet, not the skill points you have in real time. You can equip a bunch of bonuses to Familiar/Lightning Strike, summon your familiars, and then change equipment. You can confirm this easily by looking at how many projectiles the Familiars have, and see that it applies to pet skills as well by looking at the resistance bonus from Storm Spirit.

I’ve been experimenting with a Will of Bysmiel + Beastcaller’s Set Conjurer using 2 x 26/16 Familiar with 22/12 Lightnign Strike, and 2 x 26/16 Briarthorns at the same time, and I must say it’s pretty ridiculous.

^ I’m not surprised. This is the case with quite a few items with procs, too. With a duration equipment proc, you could switch equipment shortly after the trigger to enjoy that and another replacement item effect, if you were inclined to do so. The original proc seems to remain in effect until it normally expires.

As such, there would likely be a similar result in terms of temporary point levels and a longer duration skill proc - ie, pet creation.

(proc = the triggering of some ability, whether active or passive)

thank you for the build, why do you always take the rotdrinker crest over mark of forgotten spirits? our pets don’t do much acid damage…
interesting but I think that would require too much item swapping preparation and strategy, maybe i’ll try it :stuck_out_tongue:

I explained that in that thread: