summoner warlock, viable?

hi guys, this has been my very first character back on some beta build, too bad warlock wasn’t really viable as a summoner for lategame up until very recently.
With the recent buff to pet builds and change to manifestation I’ve picked it up again and I must say it’s quite strong, maybe not at conjurer’s level but still quite capable.
this is the build with the items i’ve been trying (still have to put components and augments, still have to finish ultimate), I don’t have mythical glyphs of kelphat’zot and don’t have many items in genral, what do you think of it, any suggestions?

the fact all arcanist has to offer to a pet build is iee (with 45% phys to ele conversion) and some durability tricks (and no RR -_-) makes it mandatory for me to go elemental damage on pets, too bad there are no elemental damage pet items at all :frowning:

in the devotions tree I’ve changed my usual bysmiel’s command + shephard’s call + howl of mogdrogen to include hand of ultos binded to the 2 familiars (I assume the damage is based on their stats, right?). I don’t think it would be good for crucible but it does pretty well in campaign, even with really low res I survive pretty well and pets destroy everything.

also from devotions I’ve noticed flame torrent can be procced by all the skeletons together in necromancer, while hand of ultos seems to be able to proc only once every 1,5s even if I have 2 familiars, are there any devotions that would proc much more often by binding them to 2 pets? maybe only the ones without cooldown (only aetherfire and flame torrent i think)?do you think I should try aetherfire on the familiars?

grimoire of og’napesh is there since I have really few pets and he tanks quite well while doing a lot of elemental damage (like 10 times more a level 5 hellhound)

Are there some really useful items I’m completely missing? (expecially something that summons pets that do elemental damage or good physical damage to convert)

why every summoner build i see has 0 points on familiar’s healin ability? is it that useless? takes much damage by not making them attack? I’ve not understood how often they can cast it or when (for sure they never heal anything when not fighting).

p.s. maybe it wasn’t clear but the build is actually working really well, with low level devotions I constantly see 40k crits from 11 pets constantly hittin the enemies, the bosses melt pretty fast, will post a mad queen time soon :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe there’s some elemental damage conversion AURA I don’t know of? or more generally something that would benefit all my pets with elemental rr, elemental flat damage, etc.

I do not think anything besides manifestation from IEE is transfered to the pets.

Ultos casts on crit, and has 1.5 sec cooldown

Suprised you did not take Widow and arcane bomb for lightning rr

iee is an aura so yes, it adds ele damage, dot, crit, etc… the only thing it doesn’t give the pets is the phys to ele conversion from iee itself since it’s a passive bonus just for the player.

for instance a shaman’s mogdrogen’s pact increases his pet’s hp armor regen and phys flat dmg.

anyway you can clearly see any aura you cast under your pets buff list, in my case iee, necrolord’s aura and the 2 auras my pets generate. also to be even more sure i checked and when I cast familiar the pet elemental resistance increased with their aura on :wink:

yeah I used it only on my aether build, just yesterday I noticed it reduces lightning res too, maybe I’ll try to fit it in, ty

Have you considered this one?

you will lose that revenant pet, but your familiars will be more potent. not sure what is most worth

nice one, If i have the blueprint I think I’ll try it, still familiars are the only pets that do mostly lightning damage in my build and none of my pets does vit damage, even the harbinger deals probably 1/5 lightning damage when crittin for 45k. the problem of warlock has always been the lack of pets for me. maybe with a stormhound relic it would be better but it’s one pet vs 5 swarmlings that deal fire+ele dmg.

also I think it’s impossible to fit widow in, there simply aren’t efficient enough constellations to cover the points spent and have the mandatory constellations + hand of ultos.

I don’t want this to be a familiar based build cause it would simply be much worse than any other familiar build with access to more pets or more ele rr.

you can buy the blueprint from faction vendor

why do you want ultos? just for the proc? Lowering lightning resistance will give you more overall damage but you need something to bind it to.

it’s a nice aoe proc that deals a lot of damage and reduces resistances, my level 26 familiar has more %lightning damage than other pets and much more than me, i guess it would be nice even with elemental storm bound to it and viper bound to bloody pox, still all the other pets don’t deal much lightning damage (with both rings procs and around 50% physical damage per pet I’d still have a conversion of 0.5*(0.25+0.25+0.15)=32.5% lightning damage, the other half of the time only 15% per pet) considered that the other pets do indeed do a significant amount of my build’s damage I really don’t need to lower just lightning resistance.

more in detail:without counting dot damage, only with flat damage i have around 100 ele damage bonus to all pets, 9 chaos and 44 acid (let’s say 50 non ele damage), 6 lightning damage from raven and 21 from 2 ring procs, I also have around the same % damage bonuses for fire and lightning (actually a bit more lightning but can’t count that with all the procs to all damage, etc…)

swarmlings base damage:
100 phys 200 fire. +100 ele +50 acid + 6(27) light = 356(377) flat
that becomes 54/48/248 ele + 55 phys +50 acid or 125/48/248 ele +50 acid with ring procs on.
thats 15%-33% lightning damage on 5 swarmlings.

250 phys 130 fire. +100 ele +50 acid = 536(557) flat
77/71/201 ele + 138 phys +50 acid or 222/71/201 ele +50 acid
14%-40% light damage.


355 phys 570 chaos. +100 ele +50 acid = 1081(1102) flat
92/86/86 ele +195 phys +570 chaos +50 acid or 291/86/86 ele + 570 c + 50 a
9%-26% light damage.

eldritch hound:
106 phys 108 acid. +100 ele + 50 acid = 370(391)flat
55/49/49 ele + 58 phys + 158 acid or 129/49/49 +158 acid
15%-33% light damage.

hellhound has much less damage than any other pet, let’s say around 30% light damage (almost no phys)
familiars have almost only light damage, only the bolt deals a significant (68% weapon damage) amount of non-lightning damage but has like 400 more flat light added.

dots instead come only from iee in equal amount (57 electrocute/second = 33% lighning) for every pet except familiars that have a lot of electrocute damage themselves.

as you can see it’s not a great portion of my pet’s damage.

viper? You can’t bind viper to anything

Problem with arcane bomb, in your case, is that you can’t bind it to pets.

The rr from ultos is a different rr mechanic than then one from arcane bomb.

The ring procs can not be added, it is the same skill so it has 10+10-1 = 19% chance to proc.

yeah viper just procs mostly from bloody pox since it’s the skill that’s always on on every enemy and ticks every second. it’s a 20% rr while hand of ultos is 25%, i know it’s not flat rr, still with cof+elemental storm I have 63% ele flat reduction, that 25% is working really well against low res enemies, ofcourse it would be better to have more ele reduction.

the ring procs are separate, I just checked and they both show up with different popups in the status bar and when only one is up my weapon damage is lower than when both are up so they do stack :slight_smile:

Viper works only when you apply weapon damage to your target. Bloody pox can’t proc Viper.

@malawiglenn is right, they don’t stack, two rings mean only increased chance to proc
Edit: wait, it’s my bad. These procs can be active at the same time and they stack.

You mean Elemental storm, not crown? Viper rr needs weapon damage component, and you do not have weapon damage on pox.

Ok that’s strange, first time I’ve heard about gear procs that counts separately.

yeah i forgot i went hand of ultos cause viper didn’t proc at all, maybe just with dee and only if i added a point in blood burst.

yeah i meant elemental storm, rhowan’s crown is the constellation’s name, don’t see your point.

from what i understood most procs can happen twice…? or is this case just an exception? i saw that “of kings” proc can’t stack but seal of blades aura stacks (ok it’s not a proc… can’t remember other cases).

My point was that you wrote viper but you meant Elemental storm, that’s all.

interesting, why is that so? also do you know if aetherfire damage stacks with multiple procs near each other? and also if elemental storm’s procs stack damage?

With the latest patch, you can’t bind pet-like devotions to pet-like skills.

i did mad queen ultimate but had to kite a bit since she almost oneshot me with my poor resistances…

i also probably need a different armor, my pets already have capped ele res without it and I have 150% overcapped ele res -_-

You dont have components or augments in your gear?