Summoner Weapon

Damn bro, i just found out there is no ranged wand/scepter in this game.
I choose to be summoner so there are some beast to tank for me in the front line, now as a summoner i have to tank myself with my melee weapon in the front line like hulk or some shit? come on now whats the point to play as summoner lol

Melee wand/scepter weapon is like having ronaldo/messi as goalkeeper, shit is wack af bro

If you play summoner, you only manipulate your minions. Your character is supposed to be a stupid fuck that only looks and eventually supports your minions.

If you’re a summoner then you should have plenty of beasts to tank for you. My Conjurer has 5 permanent summons, one on call timed summons and one that pops up when it feels like from gear. :smiley: And yes, he carries a wand/sceptre and stands on the sidelines refereeing while the pets destroy all comers.

Don’t bring a wand to a gunfight.

@Username & Medea
Thats what im doing but my pets be like “yo boss, are u slow or something? tf are u doing there?? HELP!!!”

I got no physical dmg bro, my gun pretty much shooting blank if u know what i mean

Set your pets to aggressive and watch them go. Right click on their icons and then choose aggressive. A small red sword will appear next to the icons to show their changed status from the default normal. As soon as they spot an enemy in they’ll charge. :slight_smile:

Aight, good stuff bru. thank you
i’ll send them zoo to the wild!!

Yo bro, i see some skills are triggered by percentage of chance of critical attack, are my summons critical attacks considered as my attack or nah?