Sup People

Hi, everyone. I just discovered Grim Dawn 2 days ago, saw the video on kickstart and I really can’t believe I haven’t heard of it till 2 days ago!!! I did watch the footage and it looks promising but the most important thing that made me buy loyalist pack is the video on Kickstart. I got dissapointed with tons of games(RPG) that couldn’t live up to their ancestors names and I think Grim Dawn might(Hope will!) be the game that will be a success after a long time. So I just paid 85 bux that I made off Diablo 3:D to show my support!!!

PS: I was too late to donate on kickstarter :cry:

Welcome to the forums Umut!

Glad to see you are excited for Grim Dawn and hopefully it will satisfy us all.

Alpha is eventually coming out, just some bugs between us and destroying all enemies in Grim Dawn. Edit: Release for alpha will probably be sometimes next month.

Welcome Broski :slight_smile:

De-Masked is one of the best members here man just a great guy.

Glad you are here and posting. I also found out about the game and recently pledged for the loyalist as well. Supposedly game ALPHA should be out in next week or 2 so that’s even better news :slight_smile:

Enjoy your time here man and if you are looking to crack some skulls hit me up on STEAM: Hempy Hustle

Oh? Not only does someone dare to try and be my doppelganger, but also tries to take credit of being the “best members”!!! And what does this “members” even mean? Is it a group of people trying to claim the title of being “best” while only using one account? Or is this merely some sort of secret club on the Grim Dawn forums where only the so-called best can participate in their secretive meetings of villainous intentions…

I’ll have to investigate this and until I can figure out what is truly going on here, don’t trust this De-Masked lest you be deceived.

'till another day, time and place…

We need ot get The X-Files crew on the job. It’s probably some kind of alien conspiracy! :eek:

Also welcome to the forums. Enjoy your stay and don’t get too freaked out about the weirdos, they’re just part of the scenery. So long as you don’t make eye contact they’ll leave you alone. :stuck_out_tongue:

That depends entirely on the personality of the weirdo. Predators prefer to strike unseen, so it is advisable to make eye contact with them to prevent an attack. Unless that one is hunting in a pack, cause then you are still leaving you back open. Maybe it is just best to wear a mask on the back of your head so they think you are looking at them whichever way you are facing.

I will enjoy my stay, I’m sure of it! After Finals tho -.-

QQ/ College Life

Enjoy your college years man. Working my first year now after 7 years of college. I miss my laid-back life already :smiley:
On the other hand, moneyz for ALL the gamez!!!