Supporting the devs/Crate


Been playing since the start, have both plushies, thousands of hours on pc and xbox and would like another opportunity to thank such a wonderful team for everything they do, especially in light of all the work with 1.2 and the upcoming expansion.

Will there be another plushie release or kick-starter or some way to help support these amazing peeps?

Thanks again for everything! :slight_smile:

Rumor has it they’re releasing a 3rd Loyalist Pack…

Been waiting a long time for the 3rd one so hope it’s in the works. :crossed_fingers:


Z posted this on steam recently

so sounds like there is hope for another plushie :raised_hands:

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I will thoroughly keep my hopes up!

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Plushies are definitely one of those things we do because you guys ask for it, not because it makes us a meaningful amount of money in the grand scheme, haha. We can do more though.

I do hear rumors of a third something upon the wind…


My Gazerman and Chthonian Devourer need a buddy.

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Will @Maska322 finally get his beloved defilers as plushie?! :open_mouth:

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