Survivor's ingenuity and retaliation damage

So I’ve been working on this acid retal sentinel, and I’ve noticed that despite the tooltip of survivor’s ingenuity reading, ‘+20% to all damage’ it doesn’t actually apply to retal damage.

Is this an oversight?

Because the wording isn’t just misleading, it’s straight-up


% all damage means % to all damage damage types, which is the one in the second page on the characters stats.

Damn. Okay. Thanks for the clarification. Maybe it’s not wrong - it’s still misleading though. :confused:

Yes it might be misleading but on the other hand we do have “all retalation damage” and “all pet damage” etc

Or that Physical damage in terms of what cunning boosts: physical, pierce, bleed and internal trauma

Or that it is not mentioned in game that dot’s is affected by damage conversions

There are many things that are not mentioned in-game, like that flat damage is only applied to weapon damage

Edit: dot damage is affected by “+% all damage” :slight_smile:

“all damage” implicitly means “all player attack/spell damage.” It’s the same reason why overguard’s total damage modified by -whatever% doesn’t affect retaliation, because “total damage” in that case means “total player (maybe pet too??) attack/spell damage.”

There’s talk that the second example may change though.

Edit: On the weapon damage thing, I was sad when I learned that status effects or debuffs like 20% reduced enemy resistances for X seconds didn’t scale over 100% if you had more than 100% weapon damage on a skill, since it does scale if the skill has under 100%.