Sword and Board Soldier/x

Hello, i leveled my soldier to lvl 41 and now i want to take another mastery. I plan to play with 1 handed weapon and shield. Which class is better to take and which devotion path should i follow? I dont want to be a retaliation class. I want to mix active ability like cadence and some proc abilities from devotions and tree. I dont want to lack too much damage and also want to be tanky. Also can you point out if any sword and board guide out there? And is cadence a good ability for proccing abilities? Thanks.


This Witchblade build is pretty popular currently. Very tanky and very solid damage. Doesn’t need the entire Markovian set, but that set helps it reach its full potential. Still very solid even without that set.

Hi thanks for reply. I dont want to play the witchblade build necessarily. I am looking for a warder or a commando even a battlemage. I dont like witchblade :D.

Flashbang and Vindictive Flame is good to take from the demo tree.

The only thing, that makes Witchblade superior, is Curse of Frailty. It reduces enemy physical resistance by 44%, and it is a HUGE difference (since almost 100% of your damage will be increased by it). Warder/Commando/etc will mostly behave as “Witchblade without Curse of Frailty”.

Witchblade is best if you go for phys damage. Curse of frailty is amazing and blood of dreeg is crazy good. Blood giving huge flat regen and OA also 100% poison/acid res and 12% phys res, no other class can compare with that.

If you go peirce though then nightblade would be a good choice for nights chill, nightblade also has a self heal but you will be tanky enough anyway.

shaman is the worst choice, highest hp sure but I already have nearly 15k and am basically unkillable so shamans high hp and heal from totem adds nothing.

Demo would be a decent choice but just no where near as good as occultist for phys or nightblade for pierce.

Overall I would say witchblade phys build is the best way to go.

I leveled my char to 59 today and decided to go nightblade path. I took Pneumatic Burst and Night Chills and my grim calc is like this with devotions
http://grimcalc.com/build/2uYjVis. From now on, i plan to complete cadence follow ups and overguard but i am not sure what to distribute rest I plan to complete passives at the bottom but i am open to suggestions.

I give all my devotions except dyrad to piercing damage increase. From here, where shall i distribute? defensive ones? Or any other recommendations?

For end game gear which set and weapons are good for this pierce build? I am planning to wear markovian set but it doesnt give pierce bonuses. And I am not sure which weapon to use except it will be a sword:D

Your weapon will be Dermapteran Slicer