Symbol for boss & nemesis rank enemy (and other quality of life suggestion)

I’m pretty sure there must be tons of people suggesting you guys these but I might as well added more voice to them.

1) Enemies and their symbols
When 3 enemy heroes come at me with stars on their head I just cant ignore them so I focus on them and died just to notice later that there was a purple named boss among them

If possible I would love to have some symbol to indicate boss’s rank or skull for nemesis (or anything you see appropriate)

2) Friendly and hostile indication

2a] With all the vivid visual it’s hard to distinguish between friendly and hostile AoE, I would love to know where should I stand and where I shouldn’t

For the example
In heroes of the storm AoE abilities will be blue for your allies and in red if you’re on the opposite team

2b] Sometimes me and my friend got jump scared by our friendly summons and pets (like summon from the relic Nemesis which is similar to normal manticore), similar to the the 2nd suggestion we would love something to indicate friendly entities like green outline for friendly player and blue outline
for friendly summon or something

3) Map and movement on map
if it’s okay in your vision and philosophy of design I would also love to be able to click the map (‘M’ key) to auto walk to places i’ve visit ( it’ll help a lot when I farm the step of torment)

4) Inventory

4a] I farm a lot so components are all over the place - every time i use auto complete function it will jump out of my secondary inventory so I need to rearrange them all over again, would love to have the completed pieces stay in the same place all the time

4b] Prior to the 5th suggestion, because I need to rearrange them it took time for inventory management. If I cant ctrl+click to move them to my secondary pocket instantly like I could do in storage or in store I could sort my items a lot easier

4c] This is not idea of my own but a friend’s suggestion - Inventory management would be more fun if we could rotate item

5) Crafting and crafting menu

5a] With the growing recipes since the latest expansion it took me longer time to scroll and find item I need to craft

if I can search using item name or filter with rarity it would be a lot easier, separating accessories and components will help too.

5b] I would love to be able to craft a relic in one button. Currently we need to craft relic (and items!) from bottom up, if the crafting menu could calculate and consume any items needed for the complete piece in one go or if it lack any it could point out which item and how many more needed it would be extremely helpful

6) Skill menu

While we could lookup how a skill work in the internet, my friend as a first timer dont know how skills work with description alone, he suggest that having in-game skill preview video might help


a] Can we have loading screen run while the windows is not active? because loading took some times and in other game I swap to browser to kill time while loading but it’s not possible with this game I love

b] I know this sound lazy but it’s quality of life suggestion after all - one button to pick them all, can we have a button to pick every nearby items in instance-loot/single player mode? (after with rarity filtered of course)

Thank you for being awesome!

it’s not called inventory tetris for nothing… seems to be of very limited use and would require a change to the save format (on top of the obvious ones), so too much effort for too little gain

Pretty good list though, I can agree with most of this, which is rare :wink:

  1. I suspect would be far too expensive since it would need to be done for every skill in the game.

a) not sure what you mean by this. You can download the loading screen images to use as wallpaper on your PC.

b) already been stated many times that this isn’t happening. Medierra feels it devalues the thrill of finding new items if you just run around and things get picked up automatically.

  1. Not gonna happen. Bosses usually look totally different from their basic monsters.
  2. Not gonna happen. Someone from Crate said it’s not needed, also, colorblind people issue strikes here too.
  3. I don’t see a single reason why would an ARPG need that. It’s not a Moba or MMORPG.
  4. I don’t mind it at all. I don’t care too. I always put my components to the main inventory and throw on the ground every other component on the ground (right after combining it) and sell other stuff and pick up (by pick-up-button) components at the same time so they are being put into the main inventory.
  5. Crate talked about this. Not sure what the final decision was.
  6. Youtube “grimdawn ClassName skills”. Example.

a: Engine limitation
b: There’s already a pick-up button. It picks up everything in range, but one-by-one. Picking up everything in range was denied some times ago. Zantai’s famous words: “Not gonna happen.”.

thrill of finding new items

Dunno. Blueprints auto-drop to inventory and for me that is 100% the most exciting find at present. And I’m glad it is secure in there too, considering how much effort this now takes. (Edit: Or maybe I just pick everything up so fast that I am just imagining that they auto-pickup…I am second-guessing myself now!)

–just saying, Madea, not disputing that the devs will not implement :stuck_out_tongue:

Aww Thank you :smiley:

Yeah - I can guess but I just wanna dream

Basically just wanna scroll Facebook using my PC while letting it load

and USER_NAME_01 said that

Seem I’ll have to give up on this too

I dont agree on this, while bosses are special why giving star to hero ranked enemy at all.

If we gonna have symbol for high ranking enemy we should have for all high ranking and above and if we dont we shouldn’t have at all or it’s not consistence and causing confusion.

If we have to play with fear and caution while having to observe enemies all the time because there is nothing but name’s color to tell us, let it be - but currently we have star shouting visually to “Hit me” while truly dangerous enemy lurking within crowd of puny enemies causing you death and destruction is frustrating.

Heros have the same appearance as normal monsters, in most cases. They’re sometimes colored differently and that’s all. Bosses have their own places and look differently in most cases.

a) just hit the Alt + Tab keys at the same time to close the window down. Click on the GD icon to get it back up again. Mine goes down to the bottom of the desktop and I click on it there to bring it back up to full screen again.

It is not an engine limitation. Enable Background FPS in the options (move slider to far right).

Note that this can sometimes impact system performance while GD is active in the background.

I don’t think you understand what he’s asking :rolleyes:. If you minimize the Grim Dawn while on a loading screen, it stays on said loading screen until you maximize it and has to finish while active. Some games will continue to stay active even while minimized thus going through loading screens allowing you to do other things while it is in the background.

And I always wondered what the heck does that option do. Guess if I was an alt-tabber I’d know that. :stuck_out_tongue:

It won’t pick up all items at once, but a very-nice and little-known feature of the game is being able to keybind ‘pickup’. I have mine on W. This will pick items up one at a time within a certain vicinity of the player and will abide by the loot filter.