Tainted Brain Matter

Seems ive stumbled on another well documented RNG coincidence. TBM seems to stop dropping after getting the quest for TBM. For me at least, not one since getting the quest days ago. Dozens of Aethereals, runs on Crowley, Birds, Wardens lair. Nothing. Is that why you can craft it?


TBM only drops from Aether-based heroes/bosses, and only then enemies within a particular level range of the player. It’s entirely possible you simply out-leveled stuff, unless you’re in Ultimate.

To my knowledge, no birds are capable of dropping TBM.

I read about the birds somewhere trying to figure where to get it. They could have meant on Ultimate. Spent a good bit of time at the minefield and mausoleum also. Most of them were my level or above. In the process read similar issues, days of trying to farm it. Crafted. More importantly though, i got the quest early on, almost immediately when i got access to the table, and at no point since has it dropped.

And Geeze whats with the endless army of max speed Fleshwarped Giants…one is hard on my glassy, two or three…wtf. I managed though, not complaining just ouch. And that Aether tendril that reaches across the whole map. Sadistic. Resistance would help though.

Crucible yields a good number of rare crafting mats, try there. Even if you don’t get TBM, you can always convert them via the Necropolis blacksmith.

No, it seems like you’ve stumbled upon the well-documented cognitive error of confirmation bias. There’s no sense in blaming the RNG no matter how much time you’ve wasted killing the wrong enemies, such as birds or fleshwarped trolls (there’s no enemy named “Fleshwarped Giant”).

Per Ceno’s loot table datadump, Warden Krieg has 20% chance of dropping TBM on Ultimate. This means you’ll have 90% confidence of obtaining at least one TBM if you kill him 11 times, and 95% confidence if you kill him 14 times.

If you kill Warden Krieg 100 times in a row in Ultimate and still haven’t obtained a TBM, then come back and tell us the RNG is broken. Until then, the far more reasonable explanation is simple user error.

Whatever it is, that you are taking, take less of it.

I just love an argument that opens by challenging someones understanding of reason and discourse and ends with a genetic Ad hominem attack. You too good bro, too good.

It was Mamba, he’s had it out for me from the start. Hacked my shit and changed the tables, bugged it so they wouldn’t drop. I see what’s going on around here.

But real question, where can i farm them in Veteran? I assumed the Aetherals near the dead city and the minefield. Is there any particular place they like to drop around there? Didn’t really like trading the blood for the brain matter, would not have crafted if not frustrated.

You’ve failed to distinguish between a deconstruction of flawed methodology versus a personal attack.

Again: your original assertion about the mechanics of the RNG is due to your own faulty farming tactics, rather than any actual reproducible glitch. Another player farming the correct enemies would not have encountered this:

Please refrain from spreading factually wrong conspiracy theories like this on the official forums.

As Ceno already said upthread: “TBM only drops from Aether-based heroes/bosses, and only then enemies within a particular level range of the player.” To make it even easier, you can simply ctrl-F for “Tainted Brain Matter” in the data dump I had previously linked to find the name of every single hero/boss that drops it. If you’re not yet in Ultimate, then nobody can give you the optimal location without knowing your correct level range. For example, farming Warden Krieg in Veteran would be a waste of time if your level is too high.

At this point, a competent player would have all the data they’d need to answer the question for themselves.

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If you’ve reached the Necropolis, farming Lucius is probably your best bet. Other guaranteed Aetherial spawns will be too low of a level.

It might be easier to just go to Elite difficulty and farm them in the Warden’s Lab in Elite. Even if there’s a quest you need them for in veteran, you can change difficulty back to veteran anytime you want to complete quests.

In short, there’s not much reason to stick around in veteran if you’re already at the necropolis.

I just don’t think this character is ready for the jump. A few defensive gaps. No Aether resistance, still holding some very low level armor pieces. A group of bosses at the necropolis handed me my rear end. Otherwise I was thinking of doing just that. With the other character Elite smoothed out pretty quickly after getting resists back up into the green but this one is way behind the other on defense.

Please spare us the theatrics that are better suited for your personal blog or Facebook than these forums. Please also kindly amend your original post to correct the wildly wrong conspiracy theory about RNG so that new players who might not have read the entire thread won’t wind up being mislead by your misguided accusation about the game’s mechanics.

Please amend your crusader complex and go back and read again and understand that it was a tongue in cheek reference to previous discussions on the topic. The only one propagating the idea of a conspiracy through this thread is you.

Whether your mistake was a misunderstanding of loot tables or a poor attempt at a witticism, clearly the rest of us received your message as being in dire need of correction:

Again: please fix your wild misstatement about the RNG in your original post. Uncorrected inaccuracies on the forums are exactly what lead misinformed players to do completely wrongheaded and nonsensical things like farming birds for TBM. And I’m sure you wouldn’t wish that fate upon others.

No. The only fate I wish for others to avoid is stumbling on you in a thread. Bite me, and stop harassing and baiting me.

I find the treasure trove in Mountain Deeps to be easiest. Run it a few times and if you don’t get your TBM then just craft it with the extra bloods/hearts you find.

The most efficient and rewarding way to obtain MI components (brains included), is…by dismantling items, rather than farming mobs. So better switch to farming aether crystals.
I know, I know. Not the best design, but it’s what it is.

If you insist on the outdated oldschool approach of bashing mobs and pulling stuff out of their cold bodies - farm Warden’s Lab, the Warden included.
It’s most efficient, because reasons.

The only problem is if you’ve outlevelled the area by a lot. If so, keep on dismantling.