Tanky dual wield or caster build

hello everyone! It’s been a while since I Played and I’m trying to catch up with all the new stuff happening since last time I was on.

Anyhoo, is there such a thing as a tanky dual wield or tanky caster build for levelling through the storyline and difficulties? I know a lot of the forums is set around sets and endgame, but wondering about levelling. I did see some levelling specs, however wanted an opinion on tanky ones in specific.



Vitality casters are fairly nice to level with & sturdy ontop. (Sigils + Ravenous Earth Cabalist is a classic for example)
Plus they don’t need alot to get going and scale well enough into endgame.

Anything demolitionist throwing bombs and going for a regen based devotion setup does also fairly well. (Imo best paired with either Occultist, Shaman or Nightblade since these masteries also provide bonus hp regen)

Both of these build types also have a fair amount of MIs that can help ease leveling.
Hope this helps! :wink:

I think Blademaster are quite good for dw, and in late game can reach 3k armor. With ghoul, bat/scales devotion and 2 pierce seal components can also have 12 adcth on both hand

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Well, ANY caster build with capped resists and ADCTH (life leech) IS damn tanky when leveling. For example, cold Drain Essence build i’m playing ATM:
Same could be saild about my AAR build, Forcewave, and many other builds. After all, Main Campain isnt really challenging, unless you play DW with some sort of auto-attack skill.
If we’re talking about endgame, though, it’s a completely different matter.

Looking for a class that can do well through all difficulties of campaign and farm gear to endgame. im a one toon type person, so having a ton of alts is difficult for me.

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I will speak of the words of Maya… “Conjuer” :wink:

tried it, too boring for me. got to like 55 and its good, but afk. plus i like having 40 zerg minions which i noticed this game doesnt like.

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Try my lightning AAR then, i bet it’s one of the strongest and newbie-friendliest builds ever. Another one would be physical Forcewave build, i think.