Tanky soldier with 100% block chance and recovery

Introductions and me

Well here i am making my first thread on this forum. I couldn’t exactly pass this up as i challenged myself into creating a tank with 100% block chance and recovery. I do hope I don’t mess the text up too badly as i am not used to using this kind of editors.

So, I enjoy creating strange builds and then testing them out as well as i can right now. Currently my testing capabilities are quite limited so if anyone else is up for the task of testing this build aswell and see just how immortal and functional it is go ahead and have a go at it.

So, some simple questions. Is it possible to achieve 100% block chance and recovery? Is it tanky? Does it have damage? So, 1: Yes. 2: Yes and 3: Not that much.

It is practically a pure soldier build with necromancer flavor just because it seemed the most fitting tanky wise but i am sure with demo or occultist you can sacrifice the tankyness and make more damage. Right now the highest single time damage i had with this char in testing was 67k soo… Not that much but i’d say it gets the job done at most cases. Some bosses with insane health regen and life steal though turn out to be almost unbeatable foes, especially in crucible (though they can’t damage you either) examples of such foes being Kubacabra The Endless Menace


So here will be the link to the build. I would encourage people who can and have the patience for it to test it out. It is fun but bit slow at times. I also haven’t optimized anything on this build so if you see anything that could be changed, improved etc without losing 100% block chance and recovery then if you want to share your secrets then please, tell of your way in the comments


Pros and cons

Pros of this build would be:
100% block chance and recovery
Around 6.6k blocking power
A steady base of 860hp regen which can go up to ~1860hp regen per second
All resistances capped
Easy to play… Technically needs to keep overguard up and nothing else but beat away at the enemies
Technically new player friendly mechanic wise… Not build wise

Cons would be:
Low but steady damage
Immortal even in times you don’t want to be
Item based build, hard to get
Runs out of energy pretty easily so you will need mana potions at hand… sometimes alot of them


Thank you for having the patience to read through this mess of a post. I would appreciate any feedback on how to improve on this as I am planning on creating more wonky builds… Even wonkier than what i’ve designed already. Thank you and have a blessed day/night!

Looks interesting. But maybe slow for killing due to pretty low OA.

My suggestion would be to consider Occultist as 2nd mastery - for the use of Fevered Rage. Fevered’s compromise to risk vs -25%DA to mobs is great imho.

In a tank/block build, it would make a huge impact. Probably could be used non-stop. And also means that you don’t mostly rely on being passive in combat (by default)>

you could get Break morale, Spectral Wrath and Mark of Torment for more Damage and tankyness. Menhir will have bad return.

I did some changes, more damage for you https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2pvkD6Z

and more tank, since we get more damage reduction from war cry and mark of torment…

I spent 3 minutes on these changes so it is possible to improve even more.


I planned out a full block build once, but the focus was more on exploiting that for maximum proc rates on various offensive “on block” things since you’re already virtually immortal by having such a ludicrous block. It’s not fine tuned enough to the point that I want to test it out, merely saved as a template for the concept.

To that end I dumped as many points as possible into cunning to boost OA and physical damage. My hope is that with proper overcaps the build should be able to weather its mildly low DA with all the other defensive junk piled in.

Depending on how CDR rolls go you might? (grimtools can be misleading now and again) be able to push 25% CDR which means rounding error’s worth of downtime on Stone Form. overguard would have a laughable cycle of 10s up / 3.5s down. Extremely forgiving permanent war cry and Menhir’s Bastion to top it all off makes it a very dense 13k hp. Inquisitor’s Seal has shown the general GD populace how potent flat absorption is against DoTs: Stone Form alone is likely enough to make it immune to a grand majority of DoT sources leaving massive singular hits as the only way the health bar is actually going to move.

So in summary: 100% block + other stuff = able to ignore most attacks and survive the single rare big hit. Pump all points into cunning for damage and OA. Go to town with multiple offensive On Block procs that trigger constantly.

it seems like ratelation build :smiley: u need more & more oa because with only 2k ur going to take a lot of time to kill monster’s at least up cadence level max. otherwise well don nice tank its always a pleasure

Keeping as much to the heart of your build as I could, these are the changes I would make.
Main changes are to skill layout, devotions, attribute allocation, and some slight tweaks on augments for your gear.
Should net much better performance for damage, while still being very very durable.
Main thing is fitting in resistance reduction. -25% from spectral wraith, -32% from assassin’s mark, and 33 flat reduction from break morale will hugely increase your damage.

It’s kinda funny, I’ve been leveling a witchblade that will have 100% block chance and recovery. I don’t want to spoil my build :rolleyes: . Hopefully I’ll be able to post it Soon™
I don’t want to seem like a jackass by not giving tips. But the biggest tip is to switch to witchblade for fevered rage, so that’s not very helpful.
I would recommend going for warborn over markovian’s though. You’d need to switch out your green for another sentinel’s seal for that to work. Edit: Okay you’d probably need to switch out more than just that to keep the max overcapped overguard + shield training.
This is the gear setup I use to get max overcapped.

Jokes. I need to find a way to deal more damage because Kuba + anything that gets through shield isn’t possible. I can barely kill Kuba by standing still but I can’t stand still if something is pummeling me in fevered rage while only using AoE attacks that ignore my shield.
Ah heck I’ll post it anyway to see if people come up with some ideas.

Interesting. Never seen block stacked that high. Why no Counter Strike, War Cry, Break Morale? Why pick necro and pass on MoT? Why no real hard focus on retaliation? Those numbers are amazing but it’s not functional. I bet you can’t kill Fabius with this. And Maiden… with zero RR and no crits your hits will look like you’re lvl 20.

Overguard transmuter and hardcap are redundant IMHO. Removing them, changing jewelry and timing Overguard between Menhirs, Targos and MoT would result in a minimal loss of tankiness and significant increase in oa and DPS. Shields are of little help when you’re not killing, getting mob lynched from all sides, drowning in shitpools and debuffs and eating 50 hits a second - as you only block 3 of them (EDIT: or am I wrong? Does 100% recovery reduce the recovery to 0s or to 0.3s?) So, I think this nothing-can-touch-me concept would really spread its wings as a tactician - imo the seal would complement the shield better than MoT. Wait, I forgot you didn’t take MoT!

True this build can use alot of different things to make it better. Unfortunately retaliation wasn’t a direct option as it would start to eat away at the concept of 100% block chance and recovery (which btw does make it a 0 second cooldown so it chainblocks everything. with the hammer perk from devotions you at times look like an asteroid field of hammers). (a special edit. this build is untouchable to anything that deals less than the shield’s defence amount^^ I really had fun standing still in crucible somewhere around level 60-80, just tanking a massive group and no damage to my health whatsoever))

To the overguard transmuter and hardcap, the capping is unfortunately needed for the maximized defence and while against basic foes the transmuter is actually a… nuisance as it makes everything so slow you will actually be thankful that you had it when you face off against something that really starts hitting nonstop and hard (without healing in the process ofcourse. Kubacabra is a real nuisance with this build).

Of the damage scale i am not sure have i yet met a level 20 with consistent damage of 50-60k per hit with mini aoe (around 3-5 people).

When i tested this build out myself on aspirant level difficulty crucible it easily got to level 154 but then came the two lifesteal health bosses and got stuck there. Thanks to an early comment from Malawiglenn, the skill build worked perfectly and actually had no troubles soloing aspirant crucible all the way. Though it was still slow it got the job done just fine.