Taunt - Threat?

Hey there,

Just one simple question: What´s the difference between

“Taunt Target” and
“Creates additional Treat” ?

One uses two words, the other three. Is that the correct answer? What did I win?

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Is taunt something like binding enemies to attack you? Where additional threat just generates higher chance for skill to cause aggro on You?

No Idea honestly but I always explained it this way myself.

Edit: bad English

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The way I understand it is enemies will aggro depending on threat. Generating additional threat means the pet will become more of a desirable target to AI, and more likely to be designated the target of a new foe that comes in. Taunt will “force” an AI to attack, no matter the threat level, and could make enemies “disengage” their current target to attack the taunter instead.

I could be totally wrong though…

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Taunt is just 100% power of generate additional threat


Thanks, guess that must be right.