Templar Build


That is the character I am working towards. Just want to get an idea of what I am doing before I get there.

Any Questions? Concerns other might see with this build?

The idea is Elemental Templar Aegis build. I am only level 20 so still a bit to go but want to have an end game idea.

Edit:Posted the correct grimtools. Forgot to put in my skill points.

Further Edit: Didn’t realize the set converts all physical damage to fire. So either I got to ditch the set for the elemental build or just go full fire and then totally have to redo everything either way,.

Have you looked in here? http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=81941

The idea I have is not in there.

Why Star Pact over Divine Mandate ?

The skill cooldown. So I can chuck even more shields.

You only have Elemental Storm for RR. You’re going to want Eldritch Fire and Celestial Presence and more than that some elsewhere like gear.

you have 2.2k DA

and you have some tiny non-important retaliation damage. Get rid of that crap

that is low. i had not put my points in yet when i posted that. i have over 3k DA and the retal adds to damage for the shield.

and viper. It also lower resist.