What this is
This is for modders only

This is a copy of the oneshot_potionhealth.tpl only OneShot_PotionHealth has been changed to OneShot_Potion and the file was renamed to oneshot_potion.tpl

What this does

This allows for the creation of a custom potion using the class OneShot_Potion. This means the potion can then be used anytime without requirements like health or energy being low

Quick how to
Place a copy of the template in your working\database emplates folder

Then place a copy of the template in your working\mods\modname\database emplates folder

Now you can create your custom potions using the new template or you can change the template on existing ones

Then build your mod with asset manager. Once it’s done building click on the archive tab and select build(this will add the needed templates.arc to your builds\mods\modname\database folder)

Attachment: oneshot_potion.zip

A template like this ships with the base game now. Problem is, when I make something with it, and then buy it from a vendor, the potion works right away without being clicked on. I.e., it takes effect on purchase. I presume it also takes effect on pickup. This is not desired. Anyone know a way around that?

Edit: correction. I’m referring to oneshot_instantreward.tpl.

Actually, maybe if I just used this customized template here, it would have worked. But I got this to work separately. I created an item (DBR) based on OneShot instant reward, but then altered the class manually to 'OneShot_Potion". This makes it so that the item can be picked up and then used later. Which is desired, because it’s not very rewarding to just get the benefit without explanation.

No need for a custom tpl at all.