Temporal Arcblade Suggestion

Weapon - https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/9429

Haven’t seen yet a good build with it, or maybe i havent looked enough, if there is one, please share link, but my ideea is as so:

-the most important : increase granted skill maximum target to 5 at least ! only 1 ? why ? and increase the dmg it does, myth aetherreach gloves has a much higher dmg on granted skill and they are gloves, not a 2h wep…

-add %Physical dmg also in same amount as aetheral and elem dmg
-increase %health to a max of 10%
-increase AS% as same as caste speed, up to a max of 29%
-remove +1 Inner focus and +3 Spectral binding and change +2 Arcanist to +2 all skills

IMO it would bring the sword up to the challange (game’s challanges)…i’m still tryting to make a primal strike thunderous strike with conduit converstion to 100% aether but still no luck with dmg…

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYRMv72 Krieg setup =)
I don’t think this weapon need any changes - its good as it is.

And what is ur main primary attack with that ?

Second this
The weapon is perfect, God I wish we had a Pierce Sword like this :undecided:

Pretty easy to see, the two offensive skills with % weapon damage into which he has invested points. The name of those two skills is the answer to your question

Callidor’s Tempest has 5s CD and Bone Harvest has 3s CD… !!!

And your point is?

Lol ? Those are not primary attacks…primary attacks don’t have CDs…those 2 are secondary skills to use between the primary attack skills…maybe a bernoath on weapon would be better…

To me primary attacks are : fire strike, belgho strikes, thunderous strike, svagery, panetti missles, etc…

This begs the question then, do you not consider skills like Trozan’s Sky Shards, Storm Totem, Mortar Trap, Rune of Hagarrad/Kalastor etc. as being Primary Offensive skills then? They all also have cooldowns of around 2-3 or 5 seconds.

Similarly, does every build need a LMB/Spammable skill to be functional?

Try looking at it the opposite way round, other skills are fill in skills between the 2 main powerful primary skills

About Callidor’s, you’re wrong. Callidor’s Tempest doesn’t have any cool down. It does have 5 sec if you get the transmuter.

About the weapon, it is not bad. I would rather call the proc not that good, but still okay. The only changes I’d actually want to see are:

  • Reducing the damage by ~15 - 30% and remove or increase target instances.
  • Reduce the duration to 0, therefore making it a one-hit skill, and also increase the damage slightly (maybe increase the damage to 1 - 100 lightning and 155 - 364 aether).

Overall it’s a very good Forcewave Battlemage weapon, in my opinion. It could get a buff (or more like a change of behaviour, as I listed above) if we talk about the skill, but it’s not needed. Overall usable if you want a two handed weapon (22% CDR? -10% skill cost? 29% Casting speed? WTF?).

Both CT and BH oneshot entire waves in crucible. Pathetic dmg bonus from Beronath dosent worth augment slot. You can aslo switch RP to star pact for extra defence and reduce CT couldown to 2.8 sec, BH to 1.8 and mirror to 9.6

Well i have 17 diff classes…no spellbinder. Will have to try that after i level up to 94.

Until then…is it possible to have Attak Seru + Spear of the Heavens and still keep Ghoul, Kraken and Widow devos ??

Tbh havent thought about a FW build with it…will try it, i have a battlemage. Just wanted to make use of that conduit somehow to have thunderous strike as aether dmg.