Terrain and Combat Concept,Combat rewards

I think the game terrain should be closer to combat. For example, in mountainous terrain at a certain height, predators are unable to cross, which reduces the defensive area of the valley and conforms to the military characteristics of defending against danger, making it more realistic.
The movement speed of different terrains should also be different, for example, the predator crossing wetlands and swamps should be very slow.
There should also be a damage bonus when hitting low ground from high ground, and there will be losses when playing low ground from high ground, so that the defensive buildings I built on high ground are valuable.
There are also defensive buildings on high ground, such as arrow towers, which should be able to receive terrain bonuses and significantly expand their visibility and attack range.
After successfully defending against a predator invasion, there should be rewards such as weapons, equipment, luxury goods, supplies, etc. There should also be a probability of dropping rare treasures (such as the Pharaoh’s Zen staff, the girl’s scarf). The revenue can be linked to defensive effectiveness and the number of enemy annihilations. In short, there should be excellent drops.