Text Color Codes?

Anyone have a resource showing all of the available ^x color codes for use in text output (mainly tags)?

Also, is there a code for line break?


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Check out tq tutorials and stuff



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Thank ya, sir.

where is color code table file located?

the one posted? somewhere in the .dll or .exe because it looks alot like C++ :slight_smile: so nothing you can change without hacking the core files.

iirc, all the defaults are in records/game/gameengine.dbr.

After, if you just want to change a specific tag, you can add color control codes to the text files in resources/text_en

Bumping this because I didn’t want to make a new thread for something so simple.

Anyone know what the color code is for the shade of blue in the below text?

I’d like to have a subheader for the skill name (but unfortunately {^n} doesn’t actually add a new line to a skill’s name field, so I’m working with the description, which does, but defaults to white).

I’ve tried ^b(lue), ^c(yan), ^i(ndigo), ^a(qua), and ^t(eal) to no avail.

Try ^Z, works for me.

Hm, still a little off-color. I guess I’ll just try every letter in the english alphabet. :rolleyes:

It’s not a color code. Code style, set in a dbr and assigned to that part of a tooltip via gameengine, which is hardcoded.

Well I guess that saves me some experimentation time. :cry: