Text_en mistake

Missed orange color code:

tagDevotion_RequiresAxeSpear=^Requires an axe or spear.
Must be:
tagDevotion_RequiresAxeSpear=^oRequires an axe or spear.


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Omg spoilers.


It doesn’t make sense for spear users to be berserkers. Historically they were the ‘line infantry’ that kept their opponents at a distance by poking at them. They weren’t the types to recklessly charge in.

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The female Berserker looks like an Amazon tho…

So spear gonna be a bleeding weapon, but will it join the pierce/bleed family or will it join the physical/bleed? If it pierce, another good reason to change the berserker devotion to be bleed/all damage than bleed/physical it currently is

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I assumed it was from a mod but I was hopeful this was the case!