TextCrawler 3 and Adobe Audition good for modding DG?

I’m a totally newbie modder who wants to learn in general how to mod/change text and audio files in GD and many other AAA pc games. Can TextCrawler 3 be an effective way to search and replace words in the text files of GD?

Have just bought TC 3 and learned a tiny bit about how to search and replace words in the subtitles of for example Crysis and Mirror’s Edge, though have a problem saving the edits I have made, and ME crashed after edits. Can’t even find a save button in TC 3… Is there a save option in TC 3? Anyway, is TC 3 a good way to locate and replace any written words or (sub)sentences found in GD?

And can Adobe Audition serve the same function as TC 3 when it comes to locating and replacing instances of verbal speech in audio files (in GD)? Want to learn how to create new speech that sounds like the original speech of a NPC (in GD) and then inject this new speech into the game, so that an NPC speaks it in a way that sounds natural, identical with the original voice of the NPC. Can Adobe Audition do that or is there a better (generative AI) audio software program I should use when working with AAA games based on Unreal, Unity, CryEngine and/or LUA?