TFW: You look at your hours played and


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Keep grinding, son. Come back when you have spent 10x and then we can talk. Mine is at 5789 according to steam.

The focus was more on the “666” part of it because of it being… 666. Otherwise it wasn’t really about comparing time played.


Number of the beast and all that. :upside_down_face:


Of course. I just preferred not to focus on the meaning of it. One hour later this number will be meaningless anyway. But you can keep counting how many times you kill 666 mobs :wink:

Ah here is another disciple of the “beast”. Just tell me why you like Kubacabra that much :smile:

667 - The Neighbor of the Beast


Ma’am. or Lady. Or even daughter, thanks. Even though I am far too old to be called a “girl”.
Thanks. :woman_red_haired:

  1. The Mother of The Beast. :smiling_imp:

Apologies… sister? I should have known better as both my wife and kids play this game.

Sister works. :slight_smile:

Probably more “sisters” here than you might think. :grinning:

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Yeah, that Medea guy may be right.