Thank you, Crate, for Warlock!

Hello! I want to thank Crate for making Warlock playable and fun to play finally. I have been playing on AAR Warlock almost since release of the game, but the the state of this class was not always too good. Through my play in GD all these years I had been making breaks every now and then and last one was few months ago. I think right after some patch that included set reworks. So recently I decided to play again and imagine my surprise when my Warlock beagn to wipe everyone. Cthonics dies like flies, aetherial run in panic, Theodin was spinning around my fat AAR like little bitch. I could even defeat Lokkar from first try. This is amazin. I enjoy playing y favourite character at last.
Thank you, Crate!


Here is my Warlock

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So some said. Now it’s supposedly too good. Crate can’t win.

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Well, as someone who struggled many many Hours with his Sorc in regard of AAR, i can tell you it was hardly viable (for Endgame) and you really needed to either go Chaos AAR(so not Sorc-viable /Edit: Warlock was best-to-go back than) which back than was still not that strong either, or being extremly lucky to get greens / double rares to compensate it. I’m not sure if it was one of the AoM or FG Patches, but pre-aom it was really a living hell for me, and if there wouldn’t 've been nice people on Discord which helped me out, also to swallow my pride to make it somehow working instead of trying something more viable, it could’ve been also in worst-case-scenario me deleting my character and uninstalling game / don’t touch it for a while. (Because spending so many hours on a character, which is beyond fixable can be frustrating).

with all procs how much dps can you get?

I don’t know, numbers run so fast. Or can I just check it in character screen?

yes please. Im tweaking my warlock as well and I would love to hear your thoughts

Ok I can check later as soon as I get home

Warlock was complete meme tier class. Now with Trozan support and also Clairvoyant AAR have options what to do in end game.

I agree Im surprised how strong it is. Arcanist is officially now my fave mastery.

hey my are you calling my chaos damage belgo warlock a meme? HOW DARE YOU SIR

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I think most people forget just how much skill plays into the whole thing. I’m sure there are a bunch of builds I just can’t play because I don’t have the skills for them cough mines cough.

So from where I sit they are clearly “bad™”, but if you are the mine master, clearly OP™. (or, at least, they would be bad if I blamed the class, not the player.)

I just tested on dummy. PDS showed was 223990. Dummy lost 3/4 hp in 30 seconds then restored

This topic is not relevant anymore. Nevermind.