Thank you for making this game

Thank you to everyone making this game. I legit was sitting and hoping for a game akin to this one. And here it is. I would love to help making it the best RTS/Sim on the planet. 100% can not wait to play this.

Thank you,


Same. I was researching city builder to play and stumbled upon this one after a few hours. Amazing. Cannot wait.

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Got it like 2 hours ago, and I’m glued.



I’ll Be Back…Need more.

Man I’ve already got 30 hours logged and it was just released. This will easily be a thousand hour steam game if they do get to tier 5 (or even beyond please please)

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I feel there is more, much much more.

Are there any plans for mods or possibly introducing different ages? I would love to see your approach to muskets and cannon.

They have previously hinted that they will likely look into opening the game up more for modding after early access. However, since the game is made in Unity it is technically still moddable in a more “hackish” manner, via injections etc. And there are already mods out there…

…just keep in mind that if you run into bugs while playing with mods always disable and test before reporting any issues. Game modification muddies the waters when devs are actively in the process of still building a game and trying to squash bugs, which is why you won’t see Crate officially support modding until it leaves early access.

Same here. I was specifically wanting this type of city builder with more in depth farming mechanics and lo and behold, Crate Entertainment delivers.

Cannot wait to see where this goes.

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Years of 1v8 Black Forest games have prepared me for the release of Farthest Frontier. Turtle life.

I’d go even further and say that if a mod was active at any one time between map generation and your bug, you shouldn’t try to report a bug.
A mod might screw some state in your whole map and even reloading without mods will still be problematic.

I have wondered why bees don’t boost fruit production and increase wild production, like herbs, and nuts, and such? Also, The cost for Tier 3 seems to high. That or unlock defense structures through a research center, like tech tree.

Also, What about putting ALL weapons in the vault, and maybe even tools? Barrels would be able to add storage maybe? or furniture like racks?