Thank you once more, Crate!

Hello and Thank You!

It’s been a while since I posted here. Just wanted to say that Grim Dawn is still the number one ARPG in my books. I was waiting for Diablo 2 Resurrected beta to see if the game got enough love to reclaim the crown, but after spending 40+ hours last weekend, switched back GD and felt relieved. Nope, Blizz couldn’t do it. And in all honesty, I really wanted them to succeed. Back in the day when D2 came out, it was my favourite game for many thousands hours. But this is 2021 not Y2K. Games have evolved. Long ago those ancient problems got resolved in elegant and intuitive ways. I won’t list them here as that’s not my point.

My point is just this - You Guys Are the Best!

My Youtube channel may only have 5k subs, but I’ll do my best to make sure Grim Dawn is seen by more people.

My only wish, and that’s just my personal 2cents, is for Grim Dawn to get some of the item stat uniqueness back. I noticed that over the years, gear got normalized and some items that had special stats that didn’t conform to the general rule, got reworked. While it’s understandable from the programming and balancing perspective, I still think that unique stats should exist in loot grinding games.

Anyhow, Thank You again, Crate!


Welcome back @Contragor! :sunglasses:


I have to agree, I played the d2r beta and it’s not too bad, it’s still the game I love and remember from all those years ago. But Grim Dawn really pushes the genre to new heights. There are some other emerging Arpgs which I’ll be keeping an eye on, but currently, this is my favorite too. What I find crazy is how many people who love rpgs/arpgs haven’t tried this… I think they basically don’t know what they’re missing. Took me a while to find as well.

I know one thing for sure, if there is ever a Grim Dawn 2 or another arpg from crate, it’ll be a day 1 purchase for me now that I see how well done this is.


I have to agree. D2 was the shining golden standard for many years. The remaster is gorgeous, and plays really well. I look forward to replaying through it with my friends whom I played with back in the day… But it’s no Grim Dawn.

They really missed the mark with a few things, not updating the game to 2021 standards- No auto-sort in inventory/stash? For real???


Since you both love D2 and GD, try the Reign of Terror GD Mod, if you haven’t yet.
I’m simply shocked to see how well it’s done. I’d even argue it’s a LOT better than the D2R. The depth, the world, the music, the monsters and bosses. All the D2 classes with skills, all the runes, gems, sets and uniques. But you can still dual class and have crazy combos like Sorc/Barbarian lol.
They even added some secret areas and super bosses. Even D3 treasure goblins appear in this world lol
I mean, all the perks of Grim Dawn AND all the authentic features of D2 in a D2 world created using Grim Dawn graphics. I’m simply out speech. And it’s hard, really hard, if you choose Normal+ (Veteran).
I still can’t believe a modder could pull off such a feat!


Yeah, and no ultrawide in d2r. They removed it. Major fail.

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I am definitely going to try that! But I am STILL plugging away at classless HC. I’m following in your path, trying to beat the game on Ultimate difficulty in HC classless. But I am just an average player so its proving to be quite the difficult journey!

EDIT: Forgot to mention, as a self-imposed rule, I am not going to finally dip my toes into modded content until I succeed in my quest.

Here is my build;

Devon Thormane

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For sure! Best of luck in your endeavour. I’d get that tree of life though, it will save your hide more than a couple of times during the process. Looking good overall!

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I’ve also played Beta D2r - tried New World in Early Access as well (it’s reminiscent of World of Warcraft beginnings) - but Grimdawn is the best.
Edit: Do anyone play New World? I need to buy coins and I heard that site is best for trading
What d you think about it?


New World is fun, hopefully they support the game well when it releases in full. I definitely had a blast playing spear/hatchet combo.

Tree of Life, probably my favorite of all the Devotions. Ill be certain to acquire it once I am capable of getting more devotion points.