The 3 stooges act 1, Farros, Jillius, and Neegan

I have played umteen characters, as of yet never found all three.
Usually find Jillius or Farros but never all three.
Any hints would help.

They are all around Wightmire, you just have to explore the entire map and you will find the three

Also check the Old Dump area of the map, the bit before Wightmire.

Thanks, but have tried it over and over hours at a time. I’ve found at least one several times in the Sodden Hollow.

The old dump in the house, then south east of milton, and slightly south east of the foggy bank rift. After you find the one southeast of milton you can just follow the road north for the third :wink:

One is in house which you will likely encounter before actually getting the quest. So the star on the map wont be there. You have to break the door yourself so he’s the easier to miss

The first spawns by the dump, then the other two are around Wightmire or so like the others have mentioned. They usually spawn pretty close to each other for me, maybe I am just always lucky.

I’ve never had them spawn in different spots, i think its a set spawn point. Same with the two fleshwrapped dudes for the second quest. Always in the same spot :slight_smile:

They all spawn in the same spot every time. One is in that house right after burial hill, another next to Karcov’s Bone off on the right had split in the road in wrightmire, and the last is just further along that road near the rift to Foggy Bank.

Or just link the wiki with map photos of their locations

And yes, they spawn in same spots. Every time.

Thank you all for the advice. For the first time I finally found all 3.
The one that evade me all this time was the one south of Burial Hill.
Thanks again.

I prefer old quests…

I don’t recall what those were…

They were just simple Kill x amount of Rotten Soldiers etc.

I like it much better with the named heroes now. Increase the odds of getting better loot early on.

Plus once you know where they are, well, you know where they are. Simple as that.

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Yeah, the old ones were rubbish to be honest. It felt more like MMORPG quests and i don’t want that in my single player RPG.

Agreed. It’s better this way.

Me too, after one try found this new one more time consuming for little reward and so never bother with it anymore.

I like this! is more interesting now