The ability to customize our ingame map.

As the title says, it would be really REALLY nice to be able to customize our ingame map. Be it adding markers for specific items/locations (Looking at you T-troves and Nemesis spawns), random spawn doors (Looking at you, Bloodbriar, Ashen Waste and Forsaken Waste, both entrances and exits), and named boss spawn locations (Hi Harroth the Returned and Irtrix the Ravager!), the ability to mark the map could help save tons of time/memory from alt tabbing out to an out of game map tool to check EXACTLY where that specific T-trove spawns in Ashen Waste, or just to help remember where the C’thonic, Undead, or Aetherial Nemesis’s 20+ different spawn points each are, or maybe to save time on checking all the Ashen Waste exits are (Oh getting out of the Ashen waste is such a pita).

I mean, I personally hate having to just run 1-2 things a thousand times to farm, but it is far easier to remember 1-2 specific things rather than all the potential different stuff you can hunt for in the game, especially the stuff with multiple random spawn locations like the Arcovian Undercity’s 8 T-trove spawn locations or it’s 6 spawn locations for the Nemesis (8 if you count the outside of the dungeon as well).

It doesn’t even have to be complex map markers either, you could literally just give us like 3 sticky pin type of deals that we can name, 1 being a door/rift swirl, 1 a chest, 1 a skull and crossbones, and maybe let us name these pins.