The AI of boar hunting is weird

Boar is usually spawned nearby the mountain where I need to place my mining camp.

So I build a hunter cabin plus a tower to protect my miner and get some extra food, but the hunter keeps retreating a long distance when boar attacking.

Am I misunderstanding something or just the problem of AI?

Nope. Hunters will not hunt boar normally. You can command them to go after them, but their normal behaviour is to retreat. They will attack boars if other villagers are threatened. There’s even a tooltip when you load in/start a game that tells you this.

thx for your reply.

Yes, I see the tooltip and this is the reason I try to protect my miner by building a hunter cabin. but the boar will make the hunter retreat first as a peaceful little pig and then after my hunter retreats a long distance they get mad and attack my miner.

Is there any solution?

If your defense tower is manned then they should attack the boars if they’re attacking your miners. Alternatively, either grab a load of villagers and send them to attack the boars to stop them spawning or if you have some soldiers you can place their rally flag near to the boar spawn and they’ll go out and attack them.

Build a fence around boar spawn point so they don;t run away, put a tower near to cover all fenced area. Build 2 hunters nearby, set their workzone on top of boar spawn point. While hunters initailly back off, tower kills the boar, then hunters come back and pick the carcase. You can get up to extra 2k food a year this way.

It’s pork chops and bacon for dinner again???

Ah yes, just like they used to do in the old country. :rofl:

Great idea, I’ll do this. Cheers mate!

Sausage and egg all the way!