The crafting system needs some serious work

Could be easily and substantially improved if each and every ‘craftable’ has a drop down list indicating all the components needed. That way we wouldn’t have to scroll up and down &/or back and forth the various tabs. (It would help prevent my silly self from mistakingly crafting blessed whetstone instead of blessed steel :rolleyes:)

Furthermore, the storage system could be better refined if a simple search engine were implemented to allow us more control when it comes to looking for items in our bagpack/smuggler bank.

Another couple things that need work is that the scroll wheel scrolls too far on tabs with a lot of recipes (armor tab in particular). I scroll past items without ever seeing them when using the wheel.

It would also be great if each tab saved their position when you move to a different tab. That would make searching for required items in other tabs a lot easier.

I would also like to include the following suggestion:

It would also be far more convenient if the game would immediately recognize if I have a full component of a given ingredient if I had part it in my bag pack and the rest of it in the shared storage (e.g. 2/3 black tallow in bag + 1/3 in storage = 1x full black tallow)

EDIT - On this note, why not scrape the whole concept of ‘sub-components’ all together? It makes the game quite a fair bit more tedious. Have monsters drop ‘full components,’ but lower the droprate for each mat relative to the number of sub-components needed. E.g. Decrease the drop rate of bristly fur by 4x, but have monsters drop FULL bristly furs.