The Crucible and the Beacons

Hello everyone, just went for a ride on the new Crucible DLC and it was fun, still think it could be a little more rewarding in terms of time/nemesis or boss killed/legendaries drop, but that’s another story.

What I want to write about are the beacons: why do they need money to be bought/upgraded, since there is no money drop in Crucible?
It’s basically telling me to farm money in Campaign mode, then come back and try the Crucible… wouldn’t be better if only the Tributes handled the whole Beacons’ business?
I mean, it’s not like farming the Skeleton Keys to enter SoT or BoC, which are INSIDE the main Campaign, we’re talking about logging in another mode to farm and then go back to Crucible… I dunno it doesn’t feel very practical to me.

So I was wondering if making the Tributes to handle the whole thing wouldn’t be better, or just reward money after each wave so a player can decide to keep it or manage the Beacons.

What do you guys think? And pls don’t hold back on explanations :slight_smile:

You receive plenty of money in the chest rewards. Early on its an issue tho and I feel 10k might be to steep at that stage for the first tier of defenses.

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Do we? I didn’t notice, honestly I was more interested in loots but I guess it may be.
But I wonder if beacons upgrades remain after finishing a Crucible or you have to buy them again every single time, I didn’t try that.

My post was simply to make the Tributes become useful for many stuff inside the DLC, like Beacons or random legendary items…
They are the core currency of the Crucible and yet they could feel more worth the farm imho.