The difference between ordinary keyboard and good esport gaming keyboard

When you have one of the best gaming keyboards, you can rely on its reliability, accuracy and durability. A cheap keyboard may do a good job, but performance, functionality, and even aesthetics can only be achieved by excellent performance. Just like getting the best gaming mouse and the best gaming monitor, upgrading to one of the best gaming keyboards will greatly change your experience. A high-quality keyboard can provide accurate and quick response, you do not realize that you do not need the function (such as “macro”), and a certain degree of comfort, can enhance any gaming experience.

In reality things are different, its useless to have an expensive gaming keyboard if your monitor has a low frequency. If that’s the case you will notice a high latency between your button press and whats happening on the display.
TL;DR gaming keyboards are a noob trap.

Mouse is way more important in competitive gaming. There’s very little the expensive keyboards can do that the cheap ones can’t.

Unless it’s a matter of ergonomics. If a specific layout suits your personal preferences.

I find extra buttons on a mouse to be much more impactful. Unfortunately with my extremely small hands I don’t have the privilege to use one for any extended period of time since they cramp my arm immensely.

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@kellyviya You should’ve made a few builds first before trying to sell us keyboards.