⭐ The fastest cleaners in the World


Mad Queen 3 sec:

Dummy 6 sec:

edit: dummy is closer to 7 than 6. about 6.7 sec

great record

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What a sick max damage setup, damn!

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Hello again!

Lokarr under 7 sec (about 6.8 i think). This guy is a pain to get a stable result with his constant movement.

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I guess it’s time to unveil this travesty. 3:55, new crucible record with the most broken items in the game.


I’d like to back it up with the fastest naked clear in the world too



Add me up right after the big boys with 4.07 on binder 4b+3b ;D



If my Cold AAR is going to be here it may as well be the fastest version at least. 4:18 is the best I’ve managed.

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Standard 3buffs +1 banner run on my old setup.

One more record before the patch.


Congrats on this record. Your name will be written with golden letters in the GD hall of fame! :slightly_smiling_face:

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My god great job Plasmo. Totally didnt see that one coming.

I want to add the fastest run of a non-fantasy melee build. The magic of the new PC :relieved:
Buff time is 4:06, real time is 4:13


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So I guess it’s settled - double cold T3 devotions is offensively superior to Dying God, be it Yugol or Leviathan. (Wish all 3 could be taken with Ultos lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

EDIT: @banana_peel What do I see? :face_with_monocle: SS on Rumor after all? :smirk: BTW with 3 craftables open for slow res, wouldn’t it be better to take Eel over Sailor and take that Ultos proc or 5% crit from Torch?

Yeah, SS on Rumor is ok for a build with big RR and low SS cd. Builds with regular SS can’t afford it. Besides having Blizzad on Savagery turned out to be quite effective. Most of bosses models are huge and eat a lot of shards.

Sorry to hijack the thread, one more question. If not for Kuba pants, would you say Iceskorn gloves are BiS over Haggarads?

It’s really hard to say, they are so very close. 3 RR, high aura dmg to clear trash and pierce conversion vs more speed, crit, 2 LA and a craft. I’d say usually if these 2 ranks in LA are the last ones Iceskorn are ahead. So yeah, if i had 2 LA ranks missing i’d take them.

How do you cope with that M.chains of anguish bad proc? It really hurts imo.

Currently it’s not working properly against armor. Ele debuff is mitigated by overcaps and movspeed debuff isn’t as punishing for a build with two movement skills on a short cd.
After the patch BiS item would be Gargoyle belt. The build is already faster with it but more fragile.

Made a good 3:38 run with ya1’s fantastic build. Wanted to get some extrafast action before the patch myself.