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I believe I’ve uploaded my profile correctly:

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I would say it is fine to transition into Scourge + Og’Napesh for now since the extra pet should theoretically outweigh the lost points, which since most of your skills are at or over the soft cap, should not have too noticeable of an impact. Plus, If you don’t like it, can always switch back :yum:

Hio, yea I think I am following Maya’s guide as best I can that’s why I am not sure why I am having trouble. Not sure what to do or what I may be missing.

Upload your current build/save to GT and link here :yum:

heh, I have been looking on how to do that but so far can’t see how, and i am getting confused as part of your build lists certain skills but then the pics posted above show different skills chosen, e.g. Possession isn’t shown used in the pics but is list as 12/12 in the written part at the beginning of this page. Sorry for being so mixed up here. I am just new.

You can respec skill points any time at the Spirit Guide NPC:

We level up differently and then change to the given build once you have everything needed (the item sets for eg)

As for how to upload your build, all the info you need should be here: [GrimTools] Build Calculator

GRRRRRR, I am sorry Maya, I tried to upload my character but the instructions don’t match what I am seeing when I use the tool. So should I use the written skills info at the top or go by the pics posted just about of the skill and devotion info? And, where should I be farming for equipment? At level 67 I don’t have any of the stuff you do :slight_smile:

What I’ve been doing is just looking for gear that has +Occultist, +Familiar, +Hellhound, +Briarthorn, or +Shaman, and also has Bonus to Pets as well. After that, I look for +resistances. My final priority is +Stats (Physique, Cunning, Spirit). I don’t pay any attention to anything that gives ME damage increases, as I don’t do any of the damage. I just debuff enemies so that my pets can moider them.

As far as uploading to GrimTools, you want to go to the build calculator (, and then click on the icon on the left with the arrow pointing up. That will bring up the upload tool. The first two lines are the locations on your hard drive where Grim Dawn stores your character data. You want to look in either of those places and find your characters “.gdc” file (Charactername.gdc). Once you know where to find it, click on the second up-arrow on the upload tool and navigate to it and the tool should do the rest.

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ok i think i did it if so, TYVM :slight_smile:

Ok, do this:

Do not farm for anything other than the materials for a starter pet Relic (Hysteria or Savage should be enough). Ignore this thread for now until you reach lvl 94. Follow the PDF guide instead. Let me link straight to it to avoid any confusion.

>>Click Me<<

Thank You so much Maya. I needed that.

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Hi Maya, been reading through your pdf guide, tons of info btw :), and looking on how to raise the skill of my Familiar past 16. I see it can go to 26/16 to get the 5 projectiles but I cant see how to raise the skill past 16. Any advice? thanks.

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You need to find items that give either + to Summon Familiar or + to all Occultist skills.

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ah ok, didnt know it was done with items, thank you

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So, my current setup: Melchandra

I have two boots to choose from once I hit level 75:
Empowered Rifthound Leather Boots
Deathwalker’s Grace

Which one should I use? Or should I just keep using my current boots?

I just picked up Blood Orb of Ch’thon. Is that better than my Black Grimoire of Og’Napesh?

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I’ve been playing this build on and off since I returned to the game a few weeks ago, it’s been very easy up until now. It still is easy to a point in that I’m not dying, not even close but moving forward is also incredibly slow.

Some boss encounters in the campaign is taking ages to kill and I’m just stumped as to where to hunt for upgrades. I’ve done some totem hunting and I ran some Warden runs but loot wasn’t exactly blowing my mind. I tried to do SR on Elite but that was a struggle and a half very early.

Currently moving slowly through AoM campaign on Ultimate and I just feel weak.

This is my current setup - - I’m not sure what to change and/or look for atm.

Grateful for any advice on the matter.

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Personally, I’d keep Fiendflesh Greaves as boots. But I might be a bit partial to it :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding Blood orb vs Og’Napesh, if OgNapesh pet is still doing fine, keep it. If it dies too much for your tastes, might be time to look for a replacement off-hand. However, we can’t use Blood Orb’s Skill and the non mythical version only provides +1 to Occultist. So it is not that good.

Try to see if you can get the Empowered version of Og’Napesh offhand instead as the pet becomes stronger. IS craftable if you have the blueprint:

If doing SR runs, do it on Normal instead as Elite would be slow for now. That is normal.
Other than that, Totems and Skeleton Key Dungeons are your best bet for loot.

For now, try this setup:

Everything in there are faction items + farmable pants + boots/gloves/relic you already have. Devo setup is an older one which is more suited for budget builds since the one you are using atm relies on full gear (shep call makes a sizable difference).

Essentially, you need more OA + Crit and more skill points + some damage conversion for Briarthorn.

Main weapon being vendor recipe was something that had eluded me completely. I was out here thinking about how I would get all these items and it was starting to get to me.

Will have to grind some rep first but will update this after I’ve made the suggested changes and done some farming. Really hope I get that Seal of Might component soon as well, I have all the others I think.

Thank you.

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Seal of Might is only really needed for endgame stuff (and even then, not absolutely necessary). So, that hopefully shouldn’t be too much of an issue :blush:

I want to do everything with this build, as far as my own limits will take me anyways so I’m planning ahead. Guess that’s why I switched my devotions around which when I did it was a massive dps boost at the time.

Every time I think I’ve learned something and go oooh, that’s so good Something else alters it and makes me rethink everything.

500 hours in and it feels like I started yesterday still.

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