The Frosty Hunter - Mage Hunter SR 75+


Hello everyone!

Just as I was helped, I would like to collaborate with my recent discovery. I finally managed to work out a decent ice build.
As I come to share with the community, and request improvements, this wonderful and powerful build.

Quietly passes SR75, tested!

English is not my native language so I will not risk doing a detailed presentation work, sorry for that.
What I can say is that it is a build that requires a line of learning to play with maestro. Teleport, mirror and potion CDs should be used well. But when you get the hang, it is wonderful to play and beautiful to see.

Thank you and have fun


Could drop that Beronath Fury (serves no purpose), get Chain Lightning over Chillspikes, Censure over Star Pact, rearrange skill points (going over the cap on Mirror, Nullification or Deadly Aim makes little sense), get some more life steal and armor absorption, etc.

But good job on 75 :+1:

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nice build!

I also think your componentscould use a bit of tweaking, but 'gratz on that 75+ clear!!!

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Hey guys,

I greatly appreciate the tips. I came to the same conclusion about auras, Censure has more synergy over Star Pact.
I am using Baronath Fury for the passive bonus above all. As for mirror cap, it’s a matter of survival reducing cooldawn time, I will consider decreasing the time. Now that I can easily farm 75 in normal mode, I will build better armor and composition. I think that in my enthusiasm I posted the build early. Anyway thank you very much for the precious tips.

Have a great day!

Some tips:

The are better components than Beronath Shard. Like Coldstone for most dmg. Or Seal of the Night for dmg and oa. Or Seal of Might for resistances or Resonance for dmg and cc resistances. Same with Antivenom Salve since you got Ungdenbog Leather. On head, chest and shoulders you should only use the best components, ideally those that give armor absorption (Living Armor or Sacred Plating) so that you can get 100% with 2 of those and Scaled Hide on the pants. Head component is Prismatic Diamond (you got it) or Sanctified Bone for the RESISTENCIAS. Yeah, I just realized you got a Portuguese version and this is totally useless to you… :rofl:

Anyway, your capacidade defensiva is very impressiva but doesn’t need to be so high. I’d use cold rings like Eternal Haunt and maybe Reign of Fire and Ice.

Mirror is either 7/12 for the cheapskates or 12/12. Going higher is too pricey and returns are minimal.

I am working on exactly the points you mentioned. I’m new to the game and still get lost with so many components and possibilities. Thank you so much for the invaluable tips.