The game needs more dot duration options

Dot builds struggle to compete in top end of farming because a lot of mobs are dangerous to keep alive, they are able to use their strong “initial timeout” skills before they die.

One way to promote active dot gameplay is to give access to more dot duration. Bleed is a very good example of how important duration is. There aren’t many super strong bleed builds, but it’s relatively easy to make an endgame viable build with bleed exactly because 600%+ duration bleed easily gets is enough to kill most enemies after applying all your dmg sources to them. It’s still more dangerous than leechtank gameplay but it’s different.

But some dmg types just don’t get access to duration, especially when constraint by the gear of the build’s core. The worst one is cold. It’s superhard to find frostburn duration. The entire devo map has 95%, then you go into grimtools, type “frostburn dmg with…” and think you have smth turned off and items not showing, that’s how bad it is.

Anyway, we need more duration. Especially on signature gear pieces like Soulrend.


Not for trauma please.

If there is one good class that has particular set of items for it, used over and over in diffferent builds, that doesn’t mean the dmg type is fine itself.